Best Beverage Coolers (2016)

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Enjoy your favorite ice cold beverages all year long with the best beverage coolers of 2016.

There’s something special about a beverage cooler—something you just won’t get with your typical refrigerator.

For starters, with a dedicated beverage cooler, you won’t ever have to dig through containers of condiments and half-finished cartons of milk to get that Corona or Coca-Cola you’re craving. Beverage cooler designs also range anywhere from inconspicuous-yet-classy household appliance to impossible-to-ignore talking piece.

We all have our own reasons for wanting a beverage cooler. For some of us, the best beverage coolers are all about function. It shouldn’t just keep your beer, soda, energy drinks, and juice cold; it needs to do it better than any other cooler out there. For others, it’s about form and expression—not just how good it looks, but the statement it makes about you as an individual.

This list happens to include a blend of each: beverage coolers that don’t just keep your favorite drinks at that perfect, icy temperature, but that also look good doing it. These are our picks for the best beverage coolers of 2016.

For when you’re tight on space, but want to store and refrigerate 100+ cans…

NewAir AB-1200 | Air & WaterCheck out the NewAir AB-1200. This 126-can beverage refrigerator boasts features including interior LED lighting and seven temperature settings. It’s also compact enough to go nearly anywhere you need it. The internal temperature can be set between 34°F and 64°F, giving you more control over how cold you keep your favorite beer, juice, and soft drinks.

Other perks? Sliding shelves make it easier than ever to manage and access your beverage collection. Plus, the NewAir AB-1200 is perfect for boats, bars, recreational vehicles—it’s even great for college dorms.

For when you want a beverage cooler that’s small enough to go anywhere…

Kings Bottle KBU-52-BP | Air & WaterConsider the Kings Bottle KBU-52-BP. Not only is this beverage refrigerator compact enough to fit in even the tightest spaces, it’s also large enough to hold as many as 38 cans.

From the man cave to your home office, this slick beverage cooler can be set to chill your beverages to temperatures as low as 32°F to 59°F.

Additional features include a locking door, an interior LED light, adjustable shelving, and removable racks that make managing your drink selection a snap.

Enjoying an ice cold drink doesn’t get much easier than this.

For when you also need a place to store and cool your wine…

NewAir AWB-360DB | Air & WaterLook to the NewAir AWB-360DB. It’s a dual-zone wine and beverage cooler that can hold 18 bottles of wine and as many as 60 cans of beer, soda, juice, or any other soft drink you favor.

Having multiple zones is important, because wine tends to be more particular when it comes to storage. With separate zone controls for the canned beverage and wine compartments, you can create the ideal environment for your favorite wines while keeping your favorite canned beverages icy and cold.

The adjustable interior allows you greater flexibility when storing your drinks, and the unit itself is more environmentally friendly than many comparable models, using R-134A refrigerant, which prevents damage to the ozone layer.

For when you want a beverage cooler fit for a full-sized bar…

Kings Bottle KBU-328-SS | Air & WaterThe Kings Bottle KBU-328-SS is just what you’re looking for. With a capacity for 165 beer, soda, or soft drink bottles, or as many as 260 cans, this stylish single-zone beverage refrigerator is a more than welcome addition to any home or office.

Highly energy-efficient, this unit is front-vented, making it easy to place and position, even under a bar or counter. The adjustable shelving makes it easy to arrange its contents to meet your needs, and the bright interior LED light makes it easy to see what you’re looking for.

With a push-button temperature control and a temperature range of 32°F to 46°F, you’re getting a lot of versatility out of what we consider to be one impressive beverage refrigerator.

For when you’ve always wanted your very own, personal vending machine…

Hisense RC07N1CBD1 | Air & WaterThe Hisense RC07N1CBD1 is calling your name. This vending machine refrigerator is small enough to fit in any home or office, features a 72 can capacity, and lets you store up to four beverage varieties.

No need to fuss with a wrinkled dollar or scrounge for change here; just press a button, and your drink drops down, ice cold and ready for enjoyment.

To keep the unit safe from curious children, this beverage cooler has a keyed lock on the outside, as well as child safety locks on each of the interior beverage slots.

Storage temperatures range from 35°F to 47°F, all easily controlled through a panel on the inside of the unit’s door.

For when you want to host the ultimate summer barbecue on your patio…

Aerocool PP5000 | Air & WaterYou simply can’t do better than the Aerocool PP5000. The Patio Pal Evaporative Cooler & Beverage Cooler is a summer BBQ enthusiast’s dream come true.

Not only does it have a built-in, 130-quart beverage cooler with a capacity for as many as 192 cans of beer, soda, energy drinks, or kids’ drinks—it’s also an evaporative cooler that will keep you and your guests cool on even the hottest summer days.

For those all-day summer cookouts, the Aerocool PP5000 also includes a hose adapter and is completely portable. The PP5000 is sure to leave your guests impressed by the quality of your summer patio parties.

Of course, there’s a lot of other great beverage coolers too choose from. To see more great options, including units that look like toolboxes and old school Coca-Cola vending machines, check out our full selection of beverage coolers.

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