Avalon Bay Instant Electric Pressure Cooker: PC1000SS

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Product Guide for the Avalon Bay Electric Pressure Cooker PC1000SS

Pressure cooking is a quick and healthy way of cooking. Traditional pressure cookers weren’t exactly user-friendly. Electric pressure cookers are safer and easier to use. Avalon Bay is offering one such next generation electric pressure cooker. It is a portable, compact, and easy-to-use, multi-functional pressure cooker that’ll make your tiresome cooking days a thing of the past. It allows you to cook healthy food, in less time, and using much less power. Here is all that you need to know about it.

What is it?

Avalon Bay has brought to you a multi-functional electric pressure cooker with a stainless steel bowl plus 13 built-in programs. The non-stick bowl is completely removable.
This electric smart cooker supports a variety of cooking settings. Everything that you can cook in a traditional pressure cooker can be prepared in this multi-cooker, using one of the 13 built-in program settings. The programs include settings for meat/stew, bean/chili, soups, a steamer, preparing food for canning/preserving, making yogurt, making rice, slow cooking, and there’s even a manual mode. The most interesting program on the Avalon Bay electric pressure cooker is the one for sauté. That’s right! This pressure cooker can sauté as well. Additionally, there are three pressure levels – low, medium, and high. You can adjust these settings and pressure levels to suit whatever food you are cooking.
There is a digital timer that allows you to set the exact time of cooking and the countdown tells you how much time is left until your food is cooked. This electric pressure cooker also comes with a delay timer and an automatic warming function.
The PC1000SS pressure cooker from Avalon Bay not only scores high on functionality, but is also completely safe. The automatic switch off mechanism makes sure that the appliance shuts off after the countdown reaches zero. Then, there is the polarized plug that eliminates the risk of electric shock due to improper placement of the plug. These and many more safety precautions make the electric cooker safe for domestic use. Even better, the appliance is ETL certified and CE certified.

How to Use

This electric pressure cooker is phenomenally user-friendly and really intuitive to operate. Consumers will find it completely effortless to work with. Nevertheless, here are a few basic instructions to get you started.

Step 1: Take the Lid Off

There is a handle on top of the lid. Whenever you need to open the pressure cooker, grab the handle and rotate it in the clockwise direction. Pull up when the lid offers no resistance. The lid also comes off for the sauté function. Simply open ans slide the top clockwise so the lid is released and you are able to remove it from the base of the pressure cooker.

Step 2: Put the food in

Once the lid is open or off, take out the inner bowl out from the pressure cooker. This is the bowl in which you add all your ingredients. Always take care that you do not fill up more than four-fifths of the inner bowl’s capacity. If you are cooking something like rice that will increase in volume, fill up the inner bowl up to the 8-cup mark. Even when you are cooking small amounts of food, the inner bowl should be filled to at least one-fifth of its volume. Before placing the inner bowl back in the outer pot, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned it. Not only this, clean the electronic heater for a good measure.

Step 3: Secure the Inner Pot

Now, place the inner bowl in the outer pot. Turn it in both directions to make sure that the food container and the electronic heater are in contact. This is an important step to ensure that the pot cooks the food uniformly.

Step 4: Put the Lid Back

The seal belt should fit into the inner part of the lid. At this point, you adjust the pressure limiting valve to ‘Airtight Position’. By pushing the lid down and turning it counterclockwise, the lid will be closely secured.

Step 5: Power Up & Start Cooking

Connect the pressure cooker to a power source and once everything is secure, turn it on. When you switch it on, you will see ‘0000’ displayed on the LED screen. You will be able to see the cook time on this screen.

It’s now time to get things cooking, literally. Set the preset timer. Every time you press the Timer, it will increase the cooking time by an hour. You can cook continuously for 9.5 hours with this pressure cooker. There are very few ingredients that need more cooking time than this. However, if you do need to cook for a longer time than this, you can always start a new cycle.

Pre-Settings Time to Cook
Rice 8-16 minutes
Meat/Stew 10-40 minutes
Bean/Chili 40 minutes
Soup 15-30 minutes
Steam 9-25 minutes
Canning/Preserving 10-120 minutes
Slow Cook 4-08 hours
Yogurt 6-24 hours
Sauté 12-30 minutes

Note: Times vary based on food size and consistency desired


The Avalon Bay Electric pressure cooker is covered by a 12 month manufacturer’s limited warranty. If buyers face any concerns with their pressure cooker, Avalon Bay will either repair them or replace the parts. This warranty is valid only if the electric pressure cooker has been used under normal conditions and as per the instructions in the manual.

The Avalon Bay instant electric pressure cooker offers its users a unique product that saves them time, effort and power. It does not limit them in terms of what they can cook – be it rice, delicious stews, or even sauté. This pressure cooker let’s you sauté vegetables – well, you don’t hear that often. Avalon Bay Electric pressure cooker is the kitchen appliance that your kitchen deserves.

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