Our Best Dehumidifiers

Humid air is uncomfortable, causes damage to your home and possessions, and promotes the growth of mold and dust mites. Keep areas dry and comfortable with a dehumidifier - choose from our selection of recommended dehumidifiers below:

NewAir AD-250
The NewAir AD-250 removes up to 25 pints of moisture per day and is ideal for keeping individual rooms drier and more comfortable. It's also extremely compact and leaves a small footprint.MORE INFO
Soleus CFM40
The Soleus CFM40 40 pint room dehumidifier is amazingly quiet yet handles large areas up to 500 square feet. Also included is an adjustable humidistat and automatic shut-off. MORE INFO
Eva-Dry EDV-500
Keep small, enclosed spaces like closets dry with the Eva-Dry EDV-500. This wireless mini dehumidifier is self-renewing and needs no electrical power to operate.MORE INFO

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