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NewAir AW-321ED Collector's 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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  • Easily monitor temperature with digital display and push-button controls
  • Quiet and vibration free thermoelectric cooling system
  • Store up to 32 bottles of wine in dual zone compartments
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NewAir AW-321ED Collector's 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine 
Chill wine to perfection and enjoy your favorite vintage as it was meant to be with this NewAir AW-321ED wine cooler.Anyone who's ever opened a much-anticipated bottle of wine can attest to the effects of improper wine storage. Enjoy your costly collection for all it's worth and invest  in the best storage available! 

  • Dual zone thermoelectric cooling system
  • 32 bottle capacity
  • Temperature range: 46-66° F

Lots of Space
The space-saving and compact NewAir AW-321ED thermoelectric wine cooler has a large, 32 bottle capacity that makes it perfect for any home bar, game room, kitchen or dining area. Freestanding installation allows for flexible placement so you can install it in any available space. 

Easy to Operate
The LED display, digital controls, and a easy push button operation makes this NewAir wine cooler a user-friendly choice. Adjust the temperature to chill your wine as desired. The thermostat ranges from
46-66° F.  

Special Features Include

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Ultra quiet
  • Digital display

Store Reds & Whites in One Unit
Dual cooling zones mean that the cabinet's side by side storage areas are specialized and independently operated for chilling both red and white wine. With separate temperature control capabilities which allow you to chill two different types of wine at once. 

Ultra Quiet
Because of advanced cooling technology, the NewAir AW-321ED is practically silent as it chills and vibration-free. Thermoelectric cooling stores your wine in a well-chilled and jostle-free environment to preserve full flavor and aroma.  

Adjustable Interior
While chrome shelving gently cradles your collection, you can also remove or adjust the shelves to fit Champagne or any other of type of beverage. This NewAir unit is also equipped with interior lighting for optimal viewing and sliding shelves for easy wine selection.  

  • Model: AW-321ED
  • UPC: 854001004518
  • Product Type: Collector's 32 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler, Stain
  • Product Dimensions: L: 20.50" x W: 21.50" x H: 32.25"
  • Product Weight: 69.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Stainless Steel & Black
  • Application: Ideal for storing and cooling up to 32 bottles of wine
  • Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • Watts: 210 watts
  • Amps: 3 amps
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Noise Level: 25 dB
  • Certifications: ETL
  • Bottle Capacity: 32
  • Wine Cooler Style: Freestanding
  • Type: Dual zone
  • Finish: Black
  • Cooling Technology: Thermoelectric
  • Temperature Control Type: Push Button
  • Digital Temperature Readout: Yes
  • Stainless Steel Doors: Yes
  • Interior LED Light: Yes
  • Number of Wine Racks: 14
  • Rack Construction: Wood
  • Removable Wine Racks: Yes
  • Locking Doors: No
  • Temperature Range: 46-66° F
  • Stemware Storage: No
  • Compact black and stainless steel case blends seamlessly with decor
  • Digital controls ensures accurate temperature controls and easy operation
  • Features dual temperature zones that chill red and white wine separately
  • Internal LED light adds visibility and illuminates your wine collection
  • Utilizes thermoelectric technology that is both energy-efficient and quiet
  • Wooden pull-out drawers allow for easy access to wine
  • NewAir AW-321ED Overview:
  • NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler:

Need advice? More information?

Can this unit be put in a built in cabinet?
- Jim W. on 2014-03-01
No back vented wine coolers should be placed within a built in cabinet. This wine cooler should have a minimum of 4 inches of clearance all around the unit for proper ventilation in free standing use.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-03-03
No back vented wine coolers should not be placed within a built in cabinet. This wine cooler should have a minimum of 4 inches of clearance all around the unit for proper ventilation in free standing use.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-03-03
So, in a room that is not hot, temperature does not fluctuate much, not by a window..... But would be under a counter with 4 inch clearance behind, 2 inch on top, and only 1.5 inches each side..... This cooler would not work? Really looking for dual zone and Quiet!! And less than $700, please help!
- Anonymous on 2014-04-06
I'm not sure about the confined space issue. I have mine under a counter with the same clearances, but mine is open on the sides. Great little cooler.
- Lyndon H. on 2014-04-06
Hi... My client bought two of these and put it along with a taller cooler in his wine room. The room is long and narrow. The two units were placed onto of a counter, side by side. The room is first floor alongside rock, so we thought it would be cool. But with the three units the room ran hot. What we ended up doing is putting in a fan that pulled warm air out and cool air in and that seemed to cool down the room by a lot. Having learned from this experience, I ordered this unit on another project--which has the installation much like yours. Under a counter this time and allowing for 1.5" on each side and room at the back. For this installation, the back wall is an interior wall so what we are doing is putting an air vent at the back to promote air flow. If you read the installation sheets it is not really recommend for under the counter but I think by allowing room on the sides, back plus an air vent will mitigate the heat issue. Hope this helps.
- Don S. on 2014-04-07
I just put one in in a similar location - but with only an inch of clearance around the perimeter. The unit should work just fine for your situation I would think, but be advised that it's very possible the manufacturer would not honor the warranty if you have it installed with tighter parameters than they specify. I was willing to take that risk since it was the best wine cooler for the job. Good luck!
- Paul J. on 2014-04-06
The clearances you stated should allow for adequate air flow for the compressor/fan to operate properly. The vents are located on the sides of this unit. As a precaution, I would monitor the unit for an initial time period to ensure no issues. Please note the following: * the spacing between shelves is very tight thus burgundy, champagne or other wider style bottles will not fit in the unit unless your remove a sliding shelf * the wood sliding shelve are poor quality and be careful when pulling the shelf toward you to remove a bottle The unit has been working properly now for one year. This unit appears to be the best available for under a $1,000. It is all about the quality of the cooling unit - hard to find reliable wine coolers. Did you consider the New Air units with metal racks?
- stephen m. on 2014-04-06
What is the maximum diameter in inches of bottles stored in the top shelves? Varietal descriptions do not help because different vintners use different bottle sizes?
- Mac C. on 2014-05-17
Bottle diameters of 2-3/4" to 3.0" can easily fit into the racks. Maximum is 3-1/4" diameter, it will be a tight fit!
- Albert C. on 2014-05-18
The "fatter" bottles, usually Pinot Noir are harder to get into any shelf! The shelves are tightly spaced, good for normal diameter bottles! I love this wine fridge, good value and high performance - very quiet, and maintain perfectly constant temp when I set it at 55F.
- Albert C. on 2014-05-17
3.25 inch diameter is about the max that will fit on any shelf.
- Charles C. on 2014-05-18
Does the AW 321 ED have dual pane glass doors that are tinted to protect the wine from sunlight ?
- Anonymous on 2014-09-04
Yes there is dual pane glass in the doors. It is slightly tinted, however I would not know how much UV protection exists - if any.
- Charles C. on 2014-09-04
Yes, the glass is tinted. This is such a great wine cooler, I bought one for my sister for a wedding present.
- Virginia M. on 2014-09-05
No don't think so
- Brenda F. on 2014-09-05
yes the glass is tinted but I would not put cooler where it would get a lot of direct sunlight because I think it would have an adverse effect on the cooling function.
- Eve S. on 2014-09-04
yes the glass doors are tinted. the cooler doesn't work all that well though and struggles to keep temperature when the room temperature rises. I would not purchase this item again.
- David R. on 2014-09-04
Yes, but putting the unit where direct sunlight would hit it is not a good idea. It will make the unit work harder to maintain the proper temperature
- Elliott G. on 2014-09-04
wine cooler does it come 30" width with under cabinet mounting?
- Carol on 2014-10-03
I was told by contractor it will not work under counter as needs better ventilation. I also do not like wooden shelves, as they are bulky and do not slide easily. Think stainless shelves would have been a better option but over all, like it very much.
- sharon w. w. on 2014-10-03
The New Air AW-321ED, is a rear venting free standing unit. This item is not manufactured to be recessed into a space.
- CustomerServiceSTAFF on 2014-10-07
Also this will be an undercounter Unit cutout is in the island. Will this be fine?
- Anonymous on 2014-11-06
I was told by contractor this would not work as unit needed more breathing room. I would check the specs if I were you. You do not want to overheat your unit.
- sharon w. w. on 2014-11-06
I bought mine to put in a cut out too and have not had good luck maintaining tempertures. My orginal purchse temperatue ran high one day it went to 95 destoring my wine. I returned turned it and they sent another one but it will not maintain temperatures when installed under the counter cutout either. Very Disappointed, I have been using it outside of my cabneit and it works fine, I now have an open hole under my counter.
- Terrie N. on 2014-11-06
I would recommend against this unit under counter. It needs a lot of ventilation to keep the heat moving away from the cool side for white wine. I keep my white wines at 46 and it struggles unless away from walls and such. It's overall a functional, OK unit except for my point above.
- Michael B. on 2014-11-06
This unit needs adequate ventilation to work properly. I had it placed 6 inches from a wall and the temp on both sides raised to 55 degrees. I moved the unit to 12 inches of clearance in the back and the temp dropped back down to 46 degrees. I would think being in a closed under counter position may cause a problem unless there is sufficient ventilation in back of the wine cooler. Otherwise, it is a great wine cooler.
- Fred W. on 2014-11-06
Hi!! This is a freestanding wine cooler it cannot be placed under the counter it needs air circulation at all times. Putting your wine cooler under the counter will cause the unit to over heat and not function properly. We do carry models that are specially made to be place under the counter and exhaust from the front AWR-460DB and AWR-520SB. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our customer service representative they would be more happy to answer any of your questions!
- Kenia S. on 2014-11-06
It should be OK. Although mine is free standing, make sure you have enough space to accomodate hinges on top.
- Gerard C. on 2014-11-06
This has been a very reliable unit. Ours is freestanding, but it should work well as a built in. The only concern might bee the minimum clearance required. Since this model does not use a compressor, heat build up should be minimal.
- Lee E. on 2014-11-14
This unit requires lots of air space on it's sides for exhausting heat. Under counter mounting might be to confining.
- David W. on 2014-11-06
I think you would be fine as long as you preserve the recommended air gap around the sides and back.... I think it was 2" ? All around. Otherwise unit might overheat.
- Anne G. on 2014-11-06
Can this be used for soda pop cans as a Opposed to wine?
- Anonymous on 2014-11-06
I'm sure it could. If it fits wine bottles, then just consider that multiple soda cans would be the size of a normal wine bottle.
- Jeff C. on 2014-11-06
yes, soda cans, and regular soda bottles fit just fine.
- Paul J. on 2014-11-06
This unit will chill whatever you put inside. The shelf slots are narrow enough that a soda can will not fall through, but space efficiency may be a challenge. There is no stop at the back of the shelf, so cans would have to be oriented in the same direction as the wine bottles in the photo rather than laterally. I would also think that if you like your soda really cold the unit may be overly challenged. This is a cooler - not a refrigerator.
- Charles C. on 2014-11-06
Yes, you can put soda cans in there but the shelves and cooler are designed to fit bottles so it isn't going to be as neatly fitting. Also, as Charles mentioned, this unit isn't a refrigerator so the temperatures will not go as low as a refrigerator unit would. You can set the sodas to be as cool as 46 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Mark S. on 2014-11-07
my new unit arrived last night. i see only the first 3 are illuminated by the internal light is this normal? is there something wrong with my unit??
- amy h. on 2014-12-10
Based on my personal experience, there is nothing wrong with your unit's lighting, albeit it is of poor quality. Doesn't really light up much of anything, so pretty useless in that respect. However, I think the unit itself is decent enough for the price and maintains reasonable dual temperatures, which was my goal.
- Craig L. on 2014-12-17
There is nothing wrong with your wine cooler. The internal light only lights up about the first three rows. It is a low wattage bulb so you don't get any heat from the bulb. It is a really good wine cooler. I bought one for my sister as a wedding gift. She loves hers too. Enjoy
- Virginia M. on 2014-12-11
Hi Amy, it doesn't look like the light can illuminate the entire unit when it is being filled with bottles. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at (855) 963-9247 or
- Mark S. on 2014-12-10
I don't believe there would be an issue with the light that would cause it to illuminate the unit less. I do know that wood shelves do not reflect the light as chrome shelves would. Wood shelves also take up more space and that would make it harder for the light to fill the entire unit.
- Mark S. on 2014-12-10
With lights only mounted in the top, it is impossible for the light to reach beyond they second shelf when filled. I think the lighting is more for ambiance than for reading labels???..
- Charles C. on 2014-12-11
The internal lights give off a blue light that is of nominal value in terms of lighting this wine cooler. it is more for appearance and there is wrong with your u nit. Note - check the interior bottom of the unit for accumulation of water due to cooling process - on left side of my my unit - It takes a couple of paper towels to absorb the accumulated water - unsure how long it takes thus would check at least monthly. Unit is okay for the price depending on how long the cooling unit lasts - you will discover the spacing of the shelving is an issue for some bottle types such as Pinot Noir - enjoy your wines!
- stephen m. on 2014-12-10
Are the legs adjustable to make it less than 32 1/2 inches tall including the height of the hinges?
- Gweny on 2015-02-23
Ours measures at 32 1/4 including hinges. We can lower the legs if necessary. It's a great wine cooler. Bought one for my sister for a wedding present.
- Virginia M. on 2015-02-26
Adjustable, yes. But you will not be able to make it much less at all. Maybe 1/4-1/2 inch.
- Evo R. on 2015-02-23
The simple answer is probably no. The front feet sit in a metal bracket. If you removed all 4 feet you might shave 1/2 inch from the height, but the unit would never sit level because there does not appear to be a matching metal bracket at the rear. The top hinges also take up about 1/2 inch - so even with the feet removed, I think the front of the unit will always be 1" taller than the rear. 32 1/2 inches is required.
- Charles C. on 2015-02-24
Max room temperature could be 90 deg . Is it ok?
- Anonymous on 2015-07-07
We have had about a 2 week string of mid to upper 80 to almost 90 degree days where I live, cooling down into the 70s in the evening. Our home does not have AC so it does get hot. This unit struggled some during that period. And by struggled I mean it was running most of the time trying to maintain a temp of 58 degrees. I will say that I have the unit in a built in which does have ~2" of space around it but could probably use more for adequate ventilation on really hot days. I have had this for 2 years now and overall I am happy with the purchase. It does just fine maintaining set temps on days that are not super hot. I hope this helps.
- Joseph H. on 2015-07-08
It has been that hot this week here. I have both sides set for 54, one got up to 64 but cooled down when I turned a fan on it. So, yes it works fine if your air circulation is good enough.
- Chris B. on 2015-07-08
Hello, We do recommend these units be used in spaces where the temperature does not reach above 80 degrees. Since it is a thermoelectric cooler, it won't be able to cool effectively at higher temperature ranges. Also, everyone else who mentioned proper ventilation is correct as well, we recommend 5 inches of clearance around the unit to ensure it works to its full capacity.
- Mark S. on 2015-07-08
I set my zones at 46 for white and 56 for red. In a room at 90 the 46 will struggle and likely be around 48 or 49. The red side should e OK maybe going to 57 or 58.
- Michael B. on 2015-07-08
Hello, I have 5 of these. Great unit but since compressorless, very quiet but can only get 25 deg below ambient temperature. If your room is 90, this will only go down to 65.
- Daniel H. on 2015-07-08
I would say that's pushing it.
- sharon w. w. on 2015-07-08
Doubt it. Ours loses its control on warm days... 75 or so. Also after a year and a half it won't stay as low as it used to. :(
- Anne G. on 2015-07-08
My wine cooler is kept in our dining room and the temp rarely gets to 80 degrees. So far both sides of the cooler stay at 46 degrees. I did notice that you have to be at 12 inches from the wall in back of the unit for proper ventilation. Closer will result in the wine temperatures above the normal 46 degrees.
- Fred W. on 2015-07-08
No not unless it has proper ventilation- we are having problems as this is not a unit that can be put in a built in cabinet- and 90 even not built in wont work with this unit
- Jennifer S. on 2015-07-08
90 degrees is a little warm for a wine cooler. The hotter it is the harder it works. I would think at that temperature it will run all the time. We live in Tucson and even with our A/C set at 76 degrees in the house we cannot get the temp of the wine cooler below 50 degrees in the summer.
- Virginia M. on 2015-07-09
the instruction stated that a refrigerator rack should be cleaned every so often but for the life of me i can not locate the tray, can you assist?
- Matthew R. on 2015-08-08
Hello Matthew, On the lower back portion of this unit, there are two drip trays. Look at the back of the unit and look for the small compartment near the bottom. If you look in that, you will see two drip trays that are help in place by screws. These trays may have some water collected depending on usage. Let us know if you have any other questions.
- Mark S. on 2015-08-10
I do not understand the reference from "rack "to "tray". Please rephrase question.
- Susie A. on 2015-08-17
My right side is not cooling anymore? It doesn't go lower then 65 Degrees. Is there anything I can do at home to repair the issue?
- Vincent S. on 2015-09-17
Each side of your unit has 2 fans, one on the top and one at the bottom. I recommend that you put the temperature all the way down and then open the door and check to see if its the bottom fan or the top fan that is not blowing cold air.
- Vincent S. on 2015-09-17

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