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Evaporative Swamp Coolers

Evaporative Cooler Buying Guide

What is evaporative cooling?

Nature's most efficient means of cooling is through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporation. The evaporative cooler draws exterior air into special pads soaked with water.  This air is then cooled by evaporation, then circulated.

What types of evaporative coolers are available?

The range of commercial and industrial evaporative coolers available today is extensive, varying from commercial mobile coolers to large, fully ducted systems designed for commercial use.

Are evaporative coolers only suitable for certain climates?

Evaporative cooling is especially well suited in areas where the air is hot and the humidity is low. However, in higher humidity areas, there are many proven cost-effective uses for evaporative cooling. For example, industrial plants, commercial kitchens, laundries, dry cleaners, greenhouses, spot cooling (loading docks, warehouses, factories, construction sites, athletic events, workshops, garages, and kennels) and confinement farms (poultry ranches, hog, and dairy)  can all benefit from evaporative coolers.

What advantages does evaporative cooling have compared to refrigerated cooling systems?

Evaporative cooling will provide substantial energy savings over refrigerated air units. The simplicity of the design allows for low maintenance requirements. An evaporative cooler will provide fresh, filtered air. The outside air that has been cooled will blow the stale inside air out. With the substantial savings on energy and the air constantly changing, the industrial / commercial evaporative cooler is ideally suited for area cooling or spot cooling in factories, laundries, churches, schools, agri-businesses, restaurants and many other applications.

What size evaporative cooler do I need?

Evaporative coolers are sized based on cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow. For more information on sizing an evaporative cooler, see oursizing guide here .

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