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Does Your Greenhouse Feel Like a Swamp? Get an Evaporative Cooler

greenhouse-350Owning a greenhouse and being able to maintain it is not as easy as it may seem.

Maintaining the required conditions for the proper growth of the plants and ecology requires precision and consideration of various aspects.

With the heat of summer, you have to take various factors like ventilation and cooling into account. Not being able to do so will result in the greenhouse feeling more like a swamp.

That's where evaporative coolers come in. They can stop this from ever happening and offer additional benefits in the process as well.

Why Do You Need It?

In comparison to the various other alternatives that can be considered, an evaporative cooler is the best choice for your greenhouse this summer.

  • Just like your sweat evaporates to cool your body, the same concept has been applied to the evaporative cooler.
  • The need for such a cooler in your greenhouse is justifiable. It is an environment-friendly alternative to an air conditioning unit.
  • They do not make use of refrigerants, like Freon, that can damage the plants and the ozone layer in the process.

It is quite reasonable to assume that the evaporative cooler is not powerful, but the truth is to the contrary:

  • Not only are these machines powerful but they are energy-efficient as well.
  • In addition, the cooler is perfect at maintaining the moisture in the greenhouse, thus allowing plants to grow healthier than ever before.
  • Moreover, the machine is highly effective in discarding hot air from the vicinity and in return, offers the plants an essential supply of fresh air. These coolers also come equipped with filters that are able to trap out the dust, ensuring that the greenhouse's environment and the plants remain fresh and healthy.

Determining Heat Levels in Your Greenhouse

Heating is an important aspect that remains a concern for all greenhouse owners.

Maintaining the proper temperature is difficult since most individuals do not have the necessary knowledge to determine the required heat levels, which can have disastrous effects on the greenhouse.

This makes it even more important for you to calculate the heating requirements and accordingly take the necessary steps.

  • This step can be initiated by matching your equipment with the type of plants being grown.
  • Then you can determine the heat that is being lost by the greenhouse. Using this information, you can choose the appropriate capacity and type of system that will fit your needs.
  • To keep track of the temperature within the greenhouse, a thermostat can be used. Although there are many different types to choose from, regardless of the type being selected, you will need to consider some important aspects in order for the system to operate effectively.
  • While placing the thermostats, you will need to so by placing them at plant level. Having the correct number of sensors placed around the greenhouse is important, as environmental conditions can vary even though it may be a small distance away.

Benefits to Plants

evaporative-moisture-300Making use of an evaporative cooler can do more good for your plants than you may have initially expected.

Since they are environment-friendly, these coolers do not exhaust harmful chemicals like CFCs into the atmosphere.

In addition, you do not have to worry about smoke or pollutants lurking around in your greenhouse. This is perfect for the growth and maturity of the plants, as the CO2 emissions are fewer in comparison to refrigerated alternatives.

The hotter the air, the cooler the results will be, which is perfect for the plants.

Additional Benefits

Apart from the fact that they are environment-friendly, these machines offer many other advantages as well.

As mentioned before, they do not consume excessive amount of electricity but they prove to be more effective as compared to their counterparts.

They are able to reduce the temperatures to as low as 30oF. Not only do they offer you 60% or more in the form of energy consumption savings but they are an affordable cooling solution at the same time.

Surprisingly, they are not expensive to maintain or install either. Considering these benefits, it is only logical to consider evaporative coolers as the perfect cooling solution for your home or greenhouse.

Choosing an Evaporative Cooler

Before looking for a new evaporative cooler, you should keep in mind that they are also popularly referred to as swamp coolers to avoid any confusion. Moreover, you will also have to decide on the type of cooler you require.

Let's consider the steps that you need to follow while looking for the best evaporative cooler:

Types Of Evaporative Coolers

These coolers fall into different categories. This makes it necessary for you to understand the purpose for which the cooler will be used. This enables you to make the best decision based on the requirements of your greenhouse. You can choose from portable, mobile, window, down and side discharge evaporative coolers.

Evaluating Maintenance Costs

It is worth noting that the overall maintenance of these coolers is less in comparison to its alternatives. You will have to assess whether the type of cooler being considered is worth the effort.

You do not want to end up buying a cooler, only to find it difficult to clean. Even though it may not hurt your pocket, it will still require a lot of effort on your part.

Picking The Right Size

Depending on the size of your greenhouse, you will have to buy a cooler that is able to fulfill your cooling needs.

This makes it even more important for you to pick a cooler of the right size. Not being able to do so will result in an unequal distribution of air which can affect the environment and the health of the plants as well.

An uneven environment with both hot and cold spots spread across the greenhouse will cause a lot of problems, making it feel like a swamp.

PAC2K361S-article-340Cheaper Is Not Necessarily Better

You will come across various coolers that are cheaper than their counterparts. It goes without saying that cheaper is not necessarily better.

Cheaper coolers usually lack in terms of quality provided by branded machines. Try to look out for established brands, as buying from such dealers is thoroughly advised.

Not only will you have a durable cooler but you can take advantage of additional offerings, like warranties which come in real handy if the machine breaks down.


A majority of the evaporative coolers available in the market can be mounted on the roof. You can also have yours installed through the windows and walls in your greenhouse.

  • The down-flow coolers are more popular but lack the convenience that is offered by the window mounted coolers.
  • However, the purpose of both coolers is to blow cool air into the central location within the greenhouse.
  • This proves to be effective as it will regulate equal distribution of cool air using ductwork. But you will need to assess how much air is required, which is measured in cubic feet per minute.


Maintaining the cooler regularly is important in order to keep it clean and disinfected. Considering the fact that it will be responsible for distributing the air around the greenhouse, it is necessary for the air to be clean and fresh.

Depending on the season, you will have to take the necessary steps to ensure that the cooler operates effectively.


  • Removal of all weatherproof covers should be a priority
  • After removing the filer pads, clean them thoroughly with water
  • The sump and the bleed off systems along with their waterways need to be cleaned
  • Once the drain valves have been closed, open the water inlet to refill the unit with fresh water after which you can refit the filter pad.


  • The sediments and slime found on the basin need to be scrubbed off with a brush
  • Discard the dirty water by letting it flow out from the water pipes and tanks
  • Using a cloth soaked in disinfectants, clean the basin and water pump guards
  • Allow the internal components to dry with the help of a fan
  • Make it a point to remember to fit waterproof cover for external units

Each season requires maintenance, failure to do so will damage the greenhouse and its environment as the cooler will be releasing disinfectants into the air which is never healthy for plants. Moreover, the condition of the cooler will deteriorate and eventually give way.

After reviewing each and every aspect related to evaporative coolers, you will come to realize how beneficial they are for your greenhouse. Its applications are endless and can be used within your home as well.

With so much to offer and considering its cost, it does more than just give you value for your money. It is perhaps the most effective solution that can be considered to maintain and regulate a suitable environment in your greenhouse.

If you are having difficulties in maintaining the temperature within your greenhouse, consider buying an evaporative cooler as soon as possible.

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