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Save Space and Enjoy Effective Heating with a Wall Heater

Shopping for a space heater that's effective and compact? If so, then consider a wall heater. Wall heaters are compact in size and generate enough heat to keep you and your family sufficiently warm. No matter how limited your space is a wall heater is the best choice you can make. It'll fit in just about any available wall space.

Wall heaters are mounted directly into or on the wall. Installation is typically wall mounted or recessed. You can install them as high or as low on the wall as you want, keeping them out of reach of children and pets if need be. They're perfect for just about any location including: the bathroom, bedroom, living room, or den.

What makes these compact heaters so effective? Wall heaters use a convection heating method. Cold air is drawn into the unit. It passes over a metallic heating element and out through metal fins. The electrical resistance creates heat, which is then distributed around the room by a fan.

Wall heaters distribute heat evenly, making them an effective source of warmth. Additional benefits include: heat settings, large coverage area, and effective air circulation. The model you choose determines how much warmth is produced.

If you want to heat a 150 sq. ft. area then use a heater with at heats 1500 watts of heating power. If you're looking to heat a den or family room then choose a model with 400 sq. ft. of coverage and 4800 watts of heating power. The best way to determine the coverage desired is to measure the room you plan to heat. Then you can choose the best wall heater for your needs.

Enjoy space saving and effective heating! Wall heaters are a versatile option that provides a significant amount of warmth to meet your heating needs.