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Wine Ice Cream: Satisfying Your Guilty Pleasures


Wine ice cream is not just wine flavored ice cream. It is actually ice cream made from wine. It provides wine lovers a new way to enjoy their wine, and ice cream lovers a new way to enjoy their favorite frozen treat. There are a handful of flavors to choose from. The makers of wine ice cream figured it would put a new twist on ice cream by providing ice cream and wine lovers a new way to enjoy both of their indulgences. A lot of people are interested in this new product because it is a combination of two different substances that many people are crazy about. People love trying new things, and this happens to be one of them.

Wine Flavored Ice Cream

Mercer, the ice cream distributors thought up the idea of wine flavored ice cream, and decided that it might sell the best compared to their other flavors of regular ice cream. There is 5% alcohol content in each pint, which means that to enjoy this wine ice cream you have to be the age of 21 or older. Wine ice cream can and will make you intoxicated if you eat enough of it. The amount that you have to eat in order to become intoxicated depends on your alcohol tolerance and how much wine normally makes you intoxicated.

You can find wine ice cream in stores near you. They are sold wherever Mercer's ice cream is sold throughout the United States. New York is where the Mercer plant is, so this is normally the number one place you can find wine ice cream. Currently, there are 6 flavors of wine ice cream that include: Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Port, Peach White Zinfandel, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, and Riesling. They are currently working on expanding the flavors selection. There are tasting events that are held throughout the United States for wine ice cream. Mercer gives dates, times, and locations of the events.

Health Benefits of Ice Cream

There are health benefits to eating ice cream such as the amount of calcium that you can get with each serving. Not only does calcium help build strong bones, but it can also control blood pressure, reduces the effects of PMS, reduces the risks of colon cancers, and may even lower the chances of getting kidney stones. Not only that, but when you have low fat or fat free ice cream it can actually help you shed those unwanted pounds. There is also the daily serving size that is recommended of protein in ever half of a serving of ice cream. The vitamins that ice cream provide help to strengthen and regenerate the immune system allowing us to eat ice cream without having that guilty feeling.

Recipe for Wine Ice Cream


There are a number of recipes out there for creating your own wine ice cream right from home. Here is the basic run down of what is needed, and some of the basic steps that are needed to achieve the desired results: egg yolks, heavy cream, sugar, milk, vanilla, and your choice of wine. Usually with vanilla, Cabaret is used.

You can mix and match depending on your tastes. You will need to mix the ingredients together over the stove, be careful to not let the contents boil. You can then whisk the custard into a bowl, and refrigerate it for a few hours. If you want to have colorful ice cream, once you mix the ingredients together add food coloring. It is flavorless, and provides a bright color to the wine ice cream that you are making. Of course, there are many variations to this recipe, and you have to choose the one that works the best for you.

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