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Wine Cooler Reviews and Why You Should Beware


Choosing the perfect wine cooler for you is a process that should take some time and effort. As you know, the worst part of being a consumer is the all too familiar "buyer's remorse" plus the additional time, effort, and (occasionally) money involved.

Nowadays our first reaction is to switch on the computer, arrive at our favorite engine (ie. Google or Yahoo!), and search for "reviews." Where better to start, right? Well, not quite. The danger here lies in the tactful, although not all-together dishonest way, that sales marketers manage to sell a product without...well..."selling" it if you get my drift.

Seductive Shiraz

A good way to tell if you're being swindled by a scallywag is the seductive satin curtain or dazzling halo innocently hovering over the review. Can a product really have such a positive, unquestionably-the-best-ever assessment? Sometimes, yes, but typically, no.

So the first lesson is to beware of fake reviews. Despite your first instinct (it looks like a review, it smells like a review, it tastes like a review) it may not be an actual review. Today many cyber-savvy gardeners plant blogs or websites that receive money for sunny praises, so be sure to slather up the SPF!

Also, watch for a multitude of bright and brimming lies - uh, I mean - comments from readers. If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Critical Cabernet

Look for a wine cabinet review where some of the unit's faults (and it must have at least one) are honestly assessed. Is the storage perhaps too small for an enthusiast? Would a duel-temperature wine refrigerator be excessive for a person who only drinks reds? Will champagne bottles fit? How much noise does the wine cooler generate?


Think critically about positives that could turn out to be negatives - suddenly the attraction isn't so strong.

Premonition Pinot

That being said, it's also important to think ahead - without getting ahead of yourself. For instance, honestly how much do you enjoy wine? Is stainless steel really worth the extra money, or would it even match your decor? Will this be a lifelong devotion or a passing fad?

Purchasing a built-in wine cabinet versus a bottle rack are too very different commitments. Just because you may be new to the life of wine connoisseurship doesn't mean you have to start with a big bang - sometimes the universe enjoys smaller strokes of genius. A simple counter-top wine chiller might be a better fit!

Trusted Tempranillo

Now that you've considered your passion, your needs, and your enemies (the sales-pitch review) where can you find a good 'ole honest review of a wine cooler? Well, you will be pleased as punch (or Port) to know that there are many trusted sites available to the wine lover! You just have to use a little common sense to find them.


If you already know the brand you're interested in it's a good idea to specify the search, such as "Vinotemp wine cooler reviews." Going to a brand's site is a good place to start for facts and statistics on products that you can later compare with reviews! Also, finding retailers which compare not only price, but features, too, like these wine cooler reviews are helpful places to begin.

Reasonable Riesling

Armed with new knowledge of internet antics, go forth fellow wine lover and discover reasonable reviews to help guide you on your journey! Wine cooler reviews should help, not hinder your search and do please remember to check out Air and Water. Inc's very own wine cooler reviews and guide for further assistance!

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