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Wine Storage Facts - What You Need to Know


If one of your hobbies is collecting exotic or expensive wines, then the next thing you have to think about is how you're going to maintain your investment. There are a lot of different types of wine storage units and between wine bottle coolers, wine racks, portable wine coolers, and wine cellars, it's easy to get confused. 

However, with a easy to follow guide on the importance of storing your investment properly and a quick breakdown of the different types, you'll have this category covered.  But before discussing the different options, it's important to understand why simple sticking a bottle or two in the fridge is far from adequate for storing your bottle of wine.

Why Refrigerators Don't Work

A wine refrigerator is only a quick easy way to store wines in the short term, often for only a maximum of one year- the same goes with a traditional refrigerator.  However, even a year is quite a long time, and with fridge temperatures varying, its likely that your kitchen fridge is just not cold enough to store your bottle of wine. 

However, with a wine cooler, you can easily maintain a constant temperature to cool or chill your wines so they will be ready to serve at all times.

Types of Wine Storage

wine storage

When it comes to choosing a method for wine storage, you want to consider and compare the different features available to you. There are three basic types of wine cooler storage devices:  wine bottle coolers, (multiple bottle) wine coolers, and wine cellars.

If you're a beginner, you may want to consider a wine bottle cooler, which also works great for dinners and smaller events.  This way you can have the bottle temperature maintained while you dine.  This is a particularly key table setting item if you expect the meal to last for a longer time.  A wine cooler also adds a level of sophistication to any dinner or cocktail party, which you can never go wrong with

If you're collection is a little larger, then consider a wine cooler that comes equipped with wine racks to prevent your bottles from crashing together.  Wine coolers have advanced a long way and most (such as NewAir wine coolers) now also come with thermoelectric multiple independently controlled temperature zones for both red and white wines, touch screens, sleek lighting with glass doors, casters for mobility, as well as a wide variety of styles for various space needs, plus an ability to house anywhere between 14 to 32 bottles.

When buying a wine cooler, you should also understand the specific differences between a wine cooler and a wine cellar. If you have aging wines or a long term wine storage need then you need a more sophisticated wine cellar as opposed to just a wine cooler. Once you've understood the difference you want to consider the capacity you need for a wine cooler (or cellar). However, if you're a wine expert or have a larger collection, then a portable wine cellar is your go to purchase.  Small or large, a wine cooler unit protects your investment (as well as its taste) until you're ready to drink it.

Wine Cooler Capacity

Wine coolers come in a variety of sizes that range from small coolers that have the capacity to store 6 to 20 bottles, while larger models (such as wine cellars) can accommodate around 100 to 200 bottles. If you are planning on have several hundred bottles of wine then you might want to consider getting a wine cabinet or wine room. It is generally a good idea to buy a wine cooler that can hold at least double the number of wine bottles you currently have. You'll find that it's often quite easy to fill up the space you have quickly, especially if you are constantly looking to buy wines.

Of course, you also need to consider the capacity you have in your home for a wine cooler. If you don't have a lot of room than a small 6 to 12 bottle wine cooler can be an excellent space saving option. If you don't drink wine all that often it can be a good idea to get a single or double bottle wine cooler in order to meet your practical needs.

Choosing a Wine Cooler

Once you've narrowed down and determined the capacity you need, it's time to consider the prices of wine coolers. Wine coolers like all other appliances should have you looking for good quality. If you buy a cheap wine cooler than you will be getting something that is less reliable. However, if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a wine cooler than you should at the very least find a wine cooler that has all the features you need for a reasonable price.


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