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Every wine lover knows that heat damages wine but how many of us take care to protect our wine at every stage?  Wine is a perishable product that requires a year round constant temperature to mature.  Most experts will agree that the ideal temperature to keep wine is between 49 and 58° F.  Storing wine in a refrigerator isn't a good option because the vibrations will affect the wine's aroma and destroy some of its important components.  That's why investing in a wine cooler is recommended.

Don't forget that red and white wines have different temperature requirements.  If you want to store both reds and whites together in the same wine cooler, look for a dual zone unit that has 2 independently controlled temperature zones.  Here are some general guidelines to follow:

Red Wine: 55° F to 60° F

White Wine: 49° F to 56° F

Rose Wine: 49° F to 51°F