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Save on Expenses Year Round with a Window Exhaust Fan


  • Draws outdoor air in and indoor air outcomfortable bedroom
  • Circulate the air
  • Prevents overheating and stuffiness
  • Requires a lot less energy than an air conditioner
  • Great supplement to the air conditioner you have
  • Perfect for nighttime cooling
  • Low maintenance

Whether you're looking for a way to stay cool on hot summer days or you want to supplement the air conditioning system you already have, a window fan is a great option. They provide year round cooling and ventilation without dramatically increasing your energy bill.

If it's hot inside but cool outside, a window fan will bring that fresh air indoors with ease. Even on the hottest of days you'll be able to feel a real difference in the temperature of the room.

Tired of having stale air? You can have exceptional ventilation and rid your room of stuffy air in a matter of minutes by setting one fan to take in fresh air and a second to exhaust air from another room. This will create a great cross breeze that everyone in the house will enjoy.

Another article provides information on installing and benefitting from a window fan. The best suggestion is to set your fan to draw in cool nighttime air and close the windows during the day to keep the cool air indoors. Using this method, you'll save even more on energy costs by only running your fans during the evening when electricity demand and price are lower.

Window Fans Without an Air Conditioning System

For those living in a dorm, home, or an apartment that doesn't have air conditioning, a window fan can keep you feeling comfortable without the need to spend a fortune. They can draw outdoor air inside and circulate it through the room, providing a cooler, better-ventilated space. Living in a stale, hot environment can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Window Fans and Air Conditioning, a Perfect Match


Have an air conditioning system? Great! You can benefit from a window fan too. Give your air conditioner a break. Use a fan at night to keep cool when the temperature outside drops but your room is still warm. You'll be able to draw in the cool night air and circulate it throughout the room.

Place one in your bedroom or living room to cool the area you use most. Laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or other rooms that needs some extra ventilation will benefit from the added air circulation too!

A typical window fan can effectively cool and ventilate a room in about two hours and it requires very little energy to do so. Because they aren't permanently installed, you can place one in almost any window and still easily move it later on.

Window fans also come with adjustable panels so they fit in nearly any size window easily. In comparison to an air conditioning system, fans are a less expensive choice to staying cool. Moreover, it's an ideal solution to anyone mindful of ecological issues. Air conditioning units are notorious for using a lot of electricity. A window fan provides the extra comfort you need without the additional cost.

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