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Alternative Energy: Staying Comfortable this Summer with a Window Exhaust Fan


Summer's a difficult time of year, and for those of us that want to conserve energy and stay cool too, it's even harder. Many of us are already feeling the summer heat. People on the east coast, dealing with record-breaking temperatures, are trying to find the best way to stay cool. At the same time, everyone wants to save energy. So how do we do it, and why is it so important?

Why Save Energy?

According to Time magazine, the United States is the World's largest consumer of energy. We are constantly using electricity, gas, and oil to light, heat, cool our buildings and homes, and drive our cars. Energy costs money to produce and it costs a lot of money to use, not to mention the pollution. Using too much energy causes pollution. So what do we do?

How do we Save Energy?

The best way to save energy is to use less of it. Only use what you need. It's hard, I know, but if we make a conscious effort, we can cut energy costs.

How does a Window Exhaust Fan Help?

A window exhaust fan is an excellent way to save energy. It uses less electricity than an air conditioner and provides a comfortable living environment. That's why a window fan is a great energy alternative!

A window fan is perfect for those who have air conditioning and those who don't. If you have air conditioning, you can save energy by shutting it off and using window fans instead. A window fan is a good companion to your air conditioner. Use your air conditioner part of the time and use window fans the rest of the time. Using a window fan as an air conditioner alternative can significantly cut your energy costs.


The people at Save Greenly studied how cost effective window fans are. They discovered that a window fan only  costs 7.7 cents a day to run. That's a lot of savings, and explains why window fans are a great energy alternative!

For those of you that don't have air conditioning, a window exhaust fan can help provide a more comfortable atmosphere. Some times the inside of a house can be hotter than the outside.

A window fan draws air in from the outside and circulates it on the inside. Not only does this make for a cooler environment, but it rids the room of stuffiness. A window fan can also help you obtain a good night sleep. Summer nights can be unbearable, but they don't have to be. With a window fan installed in the bedroom, you will feel cooler and therefore sleep better.

Window Exhaust Fan Recap

Window exhaust fans are easy to install, use less electricity than an air conditioner, and provide cooling and ventilation. A window fan can keep you comfortable while you sleep at night. If you don't have an air conditioner, a window fan is a good source of energy efficient cooling. Window fans make you feel more comfortable and keep your living environment well ventilated.

  • Cost effective cooling, saving you money
  • Uses less electricity than an air conditioner
  • Cost less to purchase and install
  • Keeps the air in the room circulating well
  • Provides excellent overnight cooling
  • Will give your traditional air conditioner a break (effectively cutting energy costs)
  • Provides a steady breeze

Electricity prices are rising, and today everyone's living on a budget. We're experiencing tough times. We need to utilize energy alternatives for the environment and for our own well-being. Many of us need to cut costs where we can.

The economy's been on a downward spiral for so long and many of us are feeling the effects. People are looking for cooling alternatives that are efficient and a window fan is the answer. There are a variety of window fans to choose from that can keep you comfortable while reducing the cost of your electrical bill.

No matter what your living situation - if you have air conditioning or you don't - a window fan is a great form of alternative energy that will help you deal with the summer heat.

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