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Create the Perfect Outdoor Oasis with a Patio Heater

A growing trend among homeowners is building or improving outdoor living areas like patios and decks.  This not only creates additional living space but also increases the value of the property.

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Outdoor patio heaters are efficient and effective resource for any one extending their indoor living space to a patio or sun room. These heaters provide warmth on a year round basis. 

With a patio heater there's no need to limit outdoor cooking and entertaining to the summer months.

Using an outdoor heater makes grilling, entertaining, or just relaxing a comfortable experience all year long. 

Most patio heaters are fueled with propane gas, a great energy alternative that's eco-friendly. Some are electric, another eco-friendly resource, and some operate on natural gas, a permanently installed patio heater that taps into your existing gas line. 

What type of fuel are you considering? Decide if you want an electric, natural gas, or propane fueled heater. Once you've made that decision you can choose a model. The model you choose should depend on how much heat you're hoping to generate.

There are three models to choose from: free standing, table top, or wall mountable. Some models are larger than others; therefore, the coverage area varies. 

So if you're like other homeowners and you plan on extending indoor living to the outdoors, investing in a patio heating option is a great idea!

Below are the different kinds of patio heaters and how they are used, keep in mind the similarities and differences so when you're shopping you can make the perfect purchase!

Table Top Warmth


Table top patio heaters are flattering to outdoor decor and conveniently fit on a side table or dining table. 

Coverage varies from 5 ft. to 15 ft. So depending on how much warmth you desire should determine the size you choose.

Most options include a piezo ignition for quick and easy startup and heat settings for flexibility too.  They're lightweight and easy to move from place to place too.   

These decorative options are perfect for adding warmth to small outdoor areas, keeping personal spaces feeling great. 

Keep guests warm and toasty on a chilly summer night. It's perfect for enjoying an outdoor meal and great conversation.

Around the Pool and on the Deck

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Free standing outdoor heaters are larger and more powerful than table top heaters. These patio heaters are an average of  95 in. tall. They fit well on patio corners, walkways, or around the pool, making them perfect for outdoor entertaining.    

Placed decoratively around the patio or pool, this option is capable of warming large groups of people. Everyone can mingle and stay warm too. The coverage area averages about 20 ft. in diameter, so you and your guests will feel comfortable throughout the evening. 

With a patio heater, you're not limited to just a daytime pool party. You can enjoy a grilled dinner outdoors and enjoy the swimming pool even after the sun goes down.

By using a table top heater, you and you're guests can dine in warm comfort. After they can take a dip and relax in superior warmth. This outdoor accessory is a great way accentuate your outdoor living area and keep it warm all year long.

Overhead Heating at Its Best


These patio heaters mount on you existing patio cover. They are easy to install and provide sufficient warmth to the patio area.

Arrange your outdoor furniture so you and your guests can benefit from the warm these overhead heaters provide. Radiant heat warms the immediate area instantly. You'll feel the warmth as soon as you turn it on.

Most models offers a 20 ft. coverage area and, strategically installed, radiate warmth right where you want it most. Because they're wall mountable they are out of the way too.

This handy little heater frees up patio space. So if space is limited, and you don't have room for other options, this patio heater is the perfect choice. 

More Outdoor Ideas

During the winter months we tend to stay indoors, bundle up in clothes, and sit on the couch watching T.V. Patio heaters were typically used to warm outdoor areas in restaurants and bars. Today, they're available to residents.


Now, you can enjoy the outdoors no matter how cold it is. Create a winter wonderland during the months of October-February. 

Add a little extra warmth to the outdoor sitting area on a chilly evening in the summertime. 

These heaters are affordable and allow you to use your outdoor space during the winter months. Instead of making everyone stay indoors for a Christmas party, use this heating system and open the doors. Let guests mingle indoors and out.   

While known for their heating properties, these heaters double as home decor too. Add decorative flair to your outdoor living area the same way you would your indoor space. They're a complementary and effective resource!


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