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Why Buy Air Purifiers?

You are what you breathe. Just as with food, what we breathe on a daily basis can be as important as what we eat. And just as with the quality of food, the quality of air we intake can affect our appearance, comfort, energy levels, and overall health. There are many realistic reasons for investing in air purifiers . If you look for nutrients and fats in your meal, why not give the same consideration to your air?

The Facts: Air is Everyday

Each day, we breathe in and out near to 30,000 times. And each time, oxygen reaches every last cell in our bodies through our lungs.  Unfortunately, air pollutants accumulate outdoors and indoors, and (again unfortunately) it is through our lungs that air pollutants reach every last cell in our bodies.  Air purifiers can help us reduce the harmful amounts we are subjected to each and every day.

The Invisible Adversary: Air Impurities

Air quality is an invisible factor to human health.  Unless we experience a major change of scenery - say from an inner city to a mountain top in the Himalayas - it's difficult to remark on how unappetizing our air can be. Breathing itself is a practice most of us rarely consider, it's instinctive, hard-wired, routine. In the modern industrialized age air is both our friend and adversary. We need it to live. However, manufacturing and technology have caused air to become an ugly, polluted mess.

Health problems such as allergies, asthma, lung disease, heart disease, compromised immune systems, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), and, of course, various cancers can be directly correlated to air quality.  There are many air purifiers designed to alleviate just these issues.

Mission Impossible: Government Air Purifiers

The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) focuses a good part of its time studying air pollution. Air quality has become an important factor, gaining momentum every year, and the EPA has even issued laws pertaining to it.  In California, the EPA has put out a regulatory process and set limits on the amount of pollutants that can be generated by air purifiers - with Texas looking to be next. While the government may be out providing standards for cities, what can you do for yourself?

Home Is Where Health Is: Indoor Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are the obvious solution. You can personally install simple air purifiers at home. Indoor air pollution can be a major hazard to health in addition to outdoor air pollution. Considering we spend over 85% of our lives indoors there are plenty of reasons to be aware of your indoor air health!  Just imagine: dust mites, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, pollen, burnt tobacco particles, paint odors, volatile organic compounds, gaseous chemicals, radon, and pet dander or hair can be eliminated with a quality air purifier.  Even people who do not suffer from one of the above mentioned health issues are not impervious. Undefined symptoms, such as a lack of energy, lack of sleep, breathing issues, or irritations are products of poor indoor air. Air purifiers are essential to many aspects of our life.

Air Purifiers: The Simple Effective Solution

Whether at work or play, bad air is going to be right there with you. To combat these enemies, a wide range of solutions are available. From well-known Honeywell air purifiers to specific units, like HEPA filter air purifiers and ozone air purifiers, you can keep your home happy and healthy! 

Common air purifier cleaning technologies include: Ionization, UV, incineration, Ozonation, photo catalytic oxidation, adsorption, media filtration, and chemisorptions. All that mumbo jumbo can be difficult to understand, but fortunately Air and Water has a handy guide page to air purifiers that anyone can learn from.  

Air Purifiers: Healthy Air for Healthy Humans

When searching for air purifiers make sure to check air purifier reviews on the web and educate yourself on the different types - like portable air purifiers, air purifiers for allergies, and ionic air purifiers - before making a purchase.

You and your family deserve to live happy, healthy lives so take another step forward with an air purification system. Breathe easy and prosper!


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