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Need a Cost Effective Way to Stay Warm? Try a Wall Heater


A wall heater is a quick effective way to warm small spaces. This heating system is perfect for heating individual spaces like a bedroom, bathroom, or laundry area. It'll warm a den, garage, or basement too.

Any place you need a little extra warmth, a wall heater will meet your needs. Even if you have a central heating system, using this heater lets you shut off the central unit and stay warm at the same time.

Most models are inexpensive to operate and even less expensive to install.

They heat spaces quickly and don't deplete your pocketbook. Keep reading to learn more about their features and the benefits of investing in this great option.

Their Features

No Professional Installation Required


These heaters are inexpensive and very easy to install. Most models include an installation kit and easy to understand instructions. They're compact and lightweight, so they're easy to handle. Mount it on any available surface, and before you know it, you'll be enjoying a warmer indoor environment.  Below are 2 ways you can install your wall heater:

  • Recessed: Some offer recessed installation. In this case, installation is a little more time consuming but still easy and quick. This type fits flush with the wall. 
  • Surface Mount: This option is super easy to install and use. Most surface mounted types offer a near flat design so they take up very little space. And although they aren't flush with the wall, they're compact enough to remain virtually invisible.

Built-In Thermostat:Many options feature a built-in thermostat. Whatever setting you choose, the fan will turn on and off as set. This energy efficient feature keeps the wall heater from running excessively, and allows you to control the amount of energy used to heat a room.

Adjustable Wattage: Your new heater might include an energy saver feature that lets you adjust the wattage. Adjusting the wattage determines the amount of heat produced. So if you're looking for an energy efficient option, this is it. Adjustable wattage provides a measure of control, so you can determine how much energy you want to use.

Great Space-Savers:This option is a great space-saver. It fits perfectly in small spaces and doesn't take up floor space. It fits virtually anywhere. Tuck it in an upper corner of any room, or down by the floor. Wherever you place it, it's a space-saver.

Safety Features:Knowing your unit offers automatic shut-off that prevents overheating can offer a measure of security. This heater won't overheat. And because it's wall mountable, you can install it well out of reach of children. Most types are cool to touch so they won't burn your hands. Operating knobs and panels are right on the front so they're easy to access and don't require you to handle any heating elements.

Types of Wall Heaters


Radiant Wall Heater: Wherever you place your unit, the radiant model will heat the immediate area quickly. It's effective for heating small spaces, and operates quietly. 

This heater transfers heat directly from a hot surface and spreads it around the room. Infrared heat is a common type of radiant heater, giving off warmth without a blower.

Convection Wall Heater: Convection heaters circulate the air; they contain a blower and generate heat through aeration. They're ideal for individual spaces like a garage, basement, or den.

A convection unit provides ample warmth in an efficient manner. Air circulates through the body of the heater, across the heating element and through the room. This is a quick, efficient way to keep warm.

Micathermic Wall Heater: Micathermic heaters combine the radiant method of heating with convection heat. Utilizing both heating methods, micathermic heaters are efficient and effective. Not only do they heat spaces quickly, they evenly distribute heat, making the room comfortable at once.

Why Use a Wall Heater?

A wall heater is perfect for anyone looking to obtain a little extra warmth from a user-friendly, cost effective source. They're small enough to fit anywhere, low cost, and they're easy to operate.

They're simplistic, and yet effective, offering a variety of amenities that make them an efficient option. There are no additional energy costs to absorb. And the controls allow you to determine energy usage while enjoying extra warmth.

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