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Enjoy how-to videos, video buying guides, and quick DIY video tips on a variety of topics and products. Air & Water strives to offer the most valuable information possible to the customer. We've put together a selection of videos designed to help you with a variety of home improvement projects.

Watch videos on portable air conditioners, portable ice makers, space heaters, garage heaters, and more. Choose a video from one of the topics below:

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Why Buy from Air & Water, Inc.?


About Air & Water, Inc.

Founded in 2002, Air & Water is one of the largest independent online portable appliance retailers. We help thousands of customers all across the country with their portable appliance needs. Watch this short video to learn more about us, and discover everything you need to know.

Portable Air Conditioner Videos


Venting Your Portable Air Conditioner

When you buy a portable AC, you'll most likely receive a window kit so you can vent your portable air conditioner through a window, wall, drop ceiling, or even a door! Watch us demonstrate how easy it is to vent a portable AC unit . By watching this short, informative video, setting up your portable AC will be easy!


NewAir AC-14000E and AC-14000H Portable Air Conditioner Features

These ACs offer an environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant that's CFC-free to minimize energy consumption. Available in cool and cool/heat models, these options are a great way to go! Watch this video to learn more about them and their features.


NewAir AC-12000E and AC-12000H Portable Air Conditioner Features

Focus cool air where it's needed most with this 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner! Available with eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant, this air conditioning system cools up to 350 square feet. Watch this video to learn more about these ACs and what makes the superior.


NewAir AC-10000E Portable Air Conditioner Features

Redesign this year with an incredibly compact 10,000 BTU portable AC unit. It's perfect for spot cooling bedrooms, small offices, and personal spaces. It's effective and efficient! To learn more watch our video. Everything you need to know is just a click away!


About Sharp Portable Air Conditioners

Sharp offers a full line of sleek, portable air conditioners that are quiet and easy to move from room to room. All models feature Sharp's patented Library Quiet technology. Watch this Sharp portable air conditioner video to learn more about the product and its benefits.


NewAir AC-12000E Portable Air Conditioner Features and Benefits

This NewAir portable AC unit is one of our best selling, top rated units. See what makes this portable air conditioner so popular by watching this video . Discover why it continues to sell the way it does.


MobilComfort KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner Information

If you're looking for a space-saving portable air conditioner, consider the MobilComfort KY-80. This is the most compact portable unit on the market and cools up to 125 square feet. Watch our video to learn more about this great option.


Soleus LX-140 Portable Air Conditioner Information

For the best portable comfort, consider this portable air conditioner. This 14,000 BTU AC is one of our most powerful options available, effectively cooling up to 450 sq. ft. Watch our video to learn more about this product and what makes it so special.


Soleus Portable Air Conditioners Features and Benefits

Air conditioning systems made by Soleus are top rated. Watch this short video to learn more about their top 3 units. Understand the features and benefits so you can determine if any one of these is right for you.

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Portable Ice Maker Videos


All About NewAir Ice Makers

NewAir portable ice machines make ice in minutes. These appliances are great for parties, barbecues, camping trips, and so much more. See our ice maker video  to discover all of the features and benefits.


How Portable Ice Makers Work

Have you always wanted to know how portable ice makers work ? Watch our ice maker video to see the entire ice making process from start to finish.


NewAir AI-210SS Portable Ice Machine Features and Benefits

Make ice in as little as 6 minutes with the this portable ice maker. It's effective and efficient. Watch this video to see why this ice machine is our best seller and everything it has to offer!

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Swamp Cooler Videos


Evaporative Cooler Buying Guide

An evaporative cooler is an energy efficient, economical way to cool the ambient temperature in  personal spaces, homes, or even commercial areas by as much as 20° F! Watch this evaporative cooler buying guide video to learn more about these air coolers and how they work.


How Evaporative Coolers Work

Did you know that evaporative swamp coolers use between one-tenth and one-third the amount of electricity as an AC? Watch our video on how evaporative coolers work here, and develop a full understanding of the evaportative cooling process.


Saving Money on Your Cooling Bill with a Swamp Cooler

Don't waste money on air conditioning this summer when you can enjoy cooling for a fraction of the cost with a swamp cooler. Learn how you can save money in our swamp cooler video . This video tells you everything you need to know.


NewAir AF-330 Portable Evaporative Cooler Features and Benefits

This air cooler cools the air using simple water evaporation and is many times more energy efficient than an AC. Watch this video to learn how and why its such a great option.


NewAir AF-350 Portable Swamp Cooler Video Review

Why waste money on an expensive air conditioning system when you can stay cool for less? View our swamp cooler video to see why this unit is a more eco-friendly cooling solution.


Symphony S-Hi-Cool Portable Evaporative Cooler Features and Benefits

Effectively cool bedrooms and personal spaces with the Symphony S-Hi-Cool swamp cooler. Watch this video on the Hi-Cool to learn more about the benefits and features it offers.


Port-A-Cool PAC2K363S Portable Evaporative Cooler Video

For heavy-duty cooling, you need an industrial-sized cooler. The Port-A-Cool PAC2K363S portable evaporative cooler cools up to 2,500 square feet and costs just pennies a day to run. Learn more by watching this PAC2K363S video  and why it's such a reat choice!


Port-A-Cool PAC163SVT Portable Evaporative Cooler Video

Lower temperatures the eco-friendly way with the Port-A-Cool PAC163SVT portable evaporative cooler. This unit cools areas up to 900 square feet. It's perfect for garages, warehouses and more. Watch our video on the PAC163SVT to learn more.

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Wine Cooler Videos


All About Free Standing Wine Coolers and Cellars

Keep your favorite wines at the right temperature with a wine cooler. Watch our wine cooler video to see why these great home appliances are an absolute "must have" for wine lovers.


NewAir AW-181E and AW-281E Wine Cooler Features

These wine coolers feature stainless steel doors and chrome racks. These great looking units match any decor. Watch this short video to learn more about these wine coolers  and how they'll fit in to your living space.

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Dehumidifier Videos


NewAir AD-250 Room Dehumidifier Features and Benefits

Keep humidity levels under control with the moisture removal system form NewAir design. This compact unit removes up to 25 pints of moisture daily and is great for small to medium sized rooms. Watch this video to learn more  about this great option.


Soleus CFM40 Room Dehumidifier Features and Benefits

Control high humidity levels with the powerful Soleus moisture removal system. This compact model eliminates up to 40 pints of moisture from the air daily. It's a top seller. Watch this video to discover why it's an ideal choice.

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Air Purifier Videos

viruszerothumbVirus Zero Air Purifiers

Convenient, compact and effective, this air purifier removes a host of harmful particles from your indoor air. These air cleaners are low maintenance and incredibly energy efficient.  Learn more by watching our air purifier video . The benefits and features are immense.


Air Oasis MBL175 Mobile Air Purifier

This air cleaner is one of the most exciting models to hit the market. This unit uses a 4-step purification process and purifiies up to 175 sq. ft. Watch our video to learn more and find out why it's one of the best available.


An Introduction to Blueair Air Purifiers

Blueair is dedicated to designing and manufacturing some of the best air purification systems in the world. To  learn  more about Blueair air purifiers watch this short video. It introduces the air cleaner perfectly.


Mammoth Elite Air Purifier Features & Benefits

The Mammoth Elite uses advanced UVC and PCO purification technologies that are proven to solve contamination problems in homes, businesses, medical facilities and more. Watch this video on the Mammoth Elite air purifier  and discover all the benefits and features it has to offer.


Mammoth 1000 UV Air Purifier Features & Benefits

Start breathing healthier, cleaner air with an air purifier. This air cleaner features an advanced 6 stage filtration process and purifies up to 3,500 square feet. Learn more by watching our short video! You'll discover why this is such a great option.

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Air Circulator Videos


NewAir AF-310 Evaporative Cooling Fan Video

Save money this summer by using a fan instead of an AC. This evaporative cooling fan works like an air circulator, humidifier, air purifier, and evaporative cooler in one! See our video to learn more about this cooling system and if it's for you.


How the Vornado V103 Under Counter Air Circulator / Fan Works

Just like any Vornado fan, this new air circulator installs under cabinets and delivers high performance cooling while staying whisper quiet. Learn more about the Vornado fan by watching this video and discover why it's a great choice.

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Heater Videos


Space Heater Buying Guide

To save money on your heating bill this winter, try using a space heater. Heat one room at a time and rely less on your central heating system. Watch our space heater video guide to learn more about the different types of portable heaters available.


Electric Fireplace Heater Features and Benefits

Add ambiance and warmth to the room with an electric fireplace. These heating options are built to resemble actual wood-burning fireplaces. Watch this short video learn why they're such a great alternative to traditional wood burning fireplaces.


Introducing the NewAir AH-410 Oil Filled Space Heater

Stay warm this winter with this 700 watt oil filled heater. It's energy efficient, compact and great for warming bedrooms and personal spaces. Watch this video and learn why this heating option is so effective.


Dimplex DS2205 Electric Fireplace Heater Features and Benefits

This durable heating system is the perfect addition to any home. If your looking stylish warmth without the mess and safety issues of a real fireplace. Watch this video to why this option is one of the best!


RedCore 1500 Infrared Space Heater

Reduce your winter heating bills with this infrared heating system. This unit provides instant heat. It also doubles as a humidifier and air purifier. Watch our heater video to learn more.

15602 video thumb

Redcore 15602 Infrared Fireplace & Stove

This fireplace stove not only adds instant charm to your room, but it's also portable. This unit warms up to 750 sq. ft. of space quickly and effectively.  Learn more by watching this video


An Introduction to Soleus Electric Heaters

Lower your energy bill and add quick comfort to your home with a Soleus electric heating system. Watch our video to learn more about three popular Soleus space heaters  and discover which is best for you.


NewAir G73 Electric Garage Heater Features and Benefits

Enjoy the benfits of superior heating with the NewAir G73 heater. Featuring 17,100 BTUs of heating, this option warms up to 500 square feet of space easily. Watch this video to learn more.

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Vacuum Cleaner Videos


How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

Confused about whether you need a canister or upright vacuum? Not sure if a bagless vacuum is right for you? Watch our vacuum buying guide video to see what type of vacuum you need.

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Miscellaneous Videos

newairicecreammakersthumbMaking Ice Cream with the NewAir AIC-210 and AIC-220 Ice Cream Makers

Homemade ice cream has never tasted better a home ice cream machine! These commercial grade units have a built-in freezer/compressor and require no pre-freezing beforehand.  Learn more about these ice cream makers by watching this video and discover why NewAir is the best!. 


All About Clover Water Dispensers

Looking for a water dispenser alternative? Something different from the one your water delivery service provides? Clover water coolers are constructed of UV protected polyethylene and feature hygienic steel tanks. Watch this short Clover water dispenser video for more information.


Air & Water Summer Cooling Tips

Looking for an efficient way to beat the heat? See our short silent film clip on some top portable AC, swamp cooler and electric fan picks for the summer here.

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