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Ebook Preview Part 2: Types of Garage Heaters & Their Uses

Now that you know what a garage heater has to offer and how is it beneficial to you, let's explore the different types of a garage heater.

Electric Garage Heaters

heater-electrical-outletElectric garage heaters are the easiest to use, just plug and play. They do not need any technical installation. Just connect the cord to an appropriate source of electricity and hit the power button. Moreover, it does not require any complicated maintenance.

These days, most electric garage heaters are equipped with thermostats that allow you to control the temperature precisely as per your preference. The automatic shut-off feature prevents overheating.

Electric garage heaters are great at spot heating. You can use a garage heater when you don't need to heat up the entire area and just some individual spots. The best thing about a garage heater is that it can also be used in places that have ventilation issues.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared garage heaters provide a very economical heating solution for garages and other such places, not to mention it is absolutely harmless to the environment. Infrared garage heaters warm up people and objects only, rather than heating up the entire room. Following are a few more benefits of infrared heaters:

  • Garage heaters are almost fifty percent more efficient than gas garage heaters.
  • Does not make much noise while operating.
  • Comfortable to use as it heats up the entire area.
  • Produces clean and dust-free heat.

Gas Garage Heaters

There are two types of gas garage heaters; namely natural gas garage heater and propane garage heater. The former is a bit more expensive than the latter. Ventilation is also an issue with this type of heater. So if you are planning to use a natural gas garage heater, make sure to place it near a window or any other vent from where the exhaust from the heater can fly out the room.

Propane garage heaters are one of the most popular and widely used garage heaters, mainly because it is quite economical to use. Other than affordability, following are a few more features that make propane garage heaters the star heating solution.

  • Produces clean and odorless heat.
  • A thermostat that gives you total control over the temperature.
  • Features insulation that further improves its heating efficiency.

Forced Air Heaters

Forced air heaters feature a large high-power fan that first draw the outside air into the heater, pass it over the heating elements and then blow it out of the heater. These types of garage heaters are normally used in large warehouses and garages. The hot air is blown out in such a way that it is dispersed all over, thereby heating up every corner of its surrounding area.

The only major drawback of forced air heaters is that they run on electricity, hence are quite expensive. The fan consumes a large amount of electricity. However, the high cost is worth it if you want to heat up a large area in a short amount of time.


Garages are no longer places where we park cars and other large motorized objects. This unattached part of the house is used for multiple purposes these days. They are used as workshops, wood shops, kid play areas, and so on. With the increasing functionality of garages, the applications of garage heaters have also increased.

Following are some of the most popular and handy uses of garage heaters.

Holiday Heating

Garage heaters are the perfect companion during winter vacations, especially in mountainous areas. If you are planning to visit far flung or less developed areas, like farm houses in mountainous regions, villages and other such places that are not equipped with amenities like heaters, you can take along your garage heater to make sure you get a warm homely ambience.

Adventurous Tours

Continuing the above application, garage heaters serve as a great heating solution to people who go on adventurous tours frequently. If you are a traveler by profession, you may get heating amenities during winters. However, if you are on an adventurous tour as a hobby, garage heaters can be of great help.

Are They Good For Workplace Heating?

While most offices are equipped with central heating systems, not everyone is comfortable in the same temperature. For example, you may be more sensitive to your colleagues and the standard temperature produced by the heater is not enough for you. In such cases, a small garage heater may come in handy. You can place it in your office or near your work desk.

Talking about workplace heating, workshops are more in need of garage heaters. As a matter of fact, garage heaters are mostly used in places such as workshops and factories.

Most workshops and factories are located near the countryside and other such areas that are far from the main city. A lot of these places are not yet equipped with central heating amenities. And even if there is a central heater, it may not reach every corner of your large work facility. Garage heaters are an ideal solution to create a warm ambience in such places.

garage-heater-places-to-use-340Just because it is called garage heater does not mean that it can be used in garages only. You can use a garage heater in any of the following places:

  • Garage
  • Workshop
  • Factories
  • Construction Sites
  • Office/Work area
  • Outhouse
  • Basement
  • Farm houses, cottages and so on.

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