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The Best Space Savers in Home Appliance History

Throughout its history, the most successful members of the home appliance industry have focused on two aspects in particular: usefulness and efficiency. These ultimately have become the cornerstone for breakthrough home appliances. Whether you're talking about appliances for the kitchen, garage or even your office, the point remains the same - the most successful appliances are not only useful, but also help you be more efficient.


One of the best ways that home appliances have helped people increase their efficiency is by helping them to maximize their living space.

No matter where you're using the appliance, saving space is an important tool in the ongoing battle to get things accomplished.

This is especially true if you live in a smaller home or apartment. Space-saving appliances can give you more room to work, and can also allow for more appliances and other items to fit in a particular space. For example, take a look at your kitchen counter.

Chances are that if you have a cluttered counter with little room to work on food preparation and cooking, then preparing and cooking meals typically takes you longer. The same idea can be applied to other rooms in the house. The more space you have to work, the easier it is to get things done.

Here are some of the very best in space-saving home and office appliances that have revolutionized the industry and helped people be more efficient in their daily lives.

Portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioners are a perfect cooling solution for homes and apartments that have limited space available. These cooling units don't' require the same space that a window unit or central air conditioning requires.

Additionally, these portable ACs don't need any sort of permanent installation, and are fully mobile. The included rolling caster wheels allow anyone to move a portable AC from room to room.

What makes these units even more space saving is that many newer portable air conditioners can also double as a dehumidifier, air purifier or even a space heater. By combining multiple appliances into a single unit, these portable cooling units can help you control the climate in your home much more efficiently than ever before.     

Countertop dishwasher

As anyone who's done dishes the old fashioned way can tell you, a dishwasher is truly a lifesaver, as well as a time saver. But when space is at a premium in your place, why take up valuable cabinet space with a full dishwasher when you can get the same result from a smaller counter top model?

Seemingly developed with small homes in mind, the counter top dishwasher has been a lifesaver for apartment dwellers for years. This is an especially important for bachelors and small families who only have a small number of dirty dishes on a daily basis. The ability to store the appliance in a closet or pantry when finished is an added space-saving bonus. 

Multi-functional toaster oven


While useful, the coffee makers of old just don't really cut it anymore when it comes to saving space in your kitchen.

Coffee is great, and obviously a necessity for most people, but what if you could also make eggs, toast and maybe even bacon at the same time - all on the same appliance? Like, say a combination coffee maker, toaster oven, and griddle.

You're not just rolling out of bed and into a pot of coffee anymore, you're serving full-out breakfast with all the trimmings. Best of all it, these breakfast makers won't take up too much room in your kitchen. Just like portable air conditioners, these will actually save you some space by combining multiple appliances into a single unit.   

Trash compactor

Slim enough to fit in a closet or cupboard, a trash compacter can cram up to five times as much trash into the same space as one normal garbage bag. Now that's some serious space saving!

In addition to saving space, a trash compacter is a much more environmentally friendly way to store and dispose of your trash. Couple this with a garbage disposal in your home or apartment and you've reduced your waste by a tremendous amount. Not only can you save space in your home, but also outside it on trash day.  

Refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser

Have you ever used a refrigerator that didn't have a built-in ice maker and water dispenser? Then you know what a difference this makes. In addition to the space saved by not needing a separate portable ice machine or even an ice bucket for entertaining, this built in appliance is just flat out easier to use.

Getting a cold glass of water could not be easier. This is just the first in a long line of refrigerator improvements that have really saved space in kitchens around the world. Slimmer designs and more compact shelving have resulted in less and less space dedicated to the fridge and freezer in your home. 

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