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Relax and Enjoy the Warmth of a Space Heater


Winter's right around the corner which has many thinking about heaters. Keeping you, your family, and your pets warm is a primary concern. Thankfully, there are options. You can heat every room in the house using space heaters.

This winter promises to be a cold one. In fact, statistics suggest North American winters are getting colder from year to year. So no matter where you live, using a small heater will help combat the winter cold.

Space heaters are a great source of primary or supplemental heat for your pre-existing system. They're easy to use and require almost no setup. They also heat rooms effectively, and because they're portable, they're easy to move wherever you'd like.

Here you'll find some different types of space heaters perfect for any room in your home.

Living Room

Living rooms require more heat than other rooms in your home because they are typically larger. Space heaters can effectively warm large spaces.

One of the best living room heaters is an electric fireplace heater. They not only flatter home decor, but they warm a significant area. Most electric fireplaces are built to warm spaces as large as 400 sq. ft. They offer enough watts/BTU's to eliminate the cold and create a warmer environment within minutes.

  • They're easy to setup, requiring no installation, simply plug it into a standard outlet and turn it on.
  • Enjoy the fireplace experience without all the mess. They offer a clean, no fuss way to warm an area.
  • Most models offer safety features making them safe for children and pets. Cool touch glass won't burn little hands.
  • They're emission free, so there are no pollutants or allergy causing smoke to deal with either.

These heaters are perfect for a family environment and can take the place of a traditional gas fireplace, something that's not as safe for children or pets.


If you're a new family and you've just added to the family tree, you might need some supplemental heat in the nursery.

Babies get cold especially newborns. Most parents swaddle them when they first come home, but once they breakout of their swaddling and start to move around, keeping babies warm is a bit more difficult.

  • Keep your baby warm when sleepers and blankets aren't enough because leaving bulky blankets in the crib is not always a good idea. Parents know how important it is to maintain a clutter-free crib.
  • Portable heaters are small and easy to use but most importantly they operate very quietly. So you won't have to worry about them waking your baby. Then everyone will be able to enjoy a longer night's sleep.
  • Most units offer an adjustable thermostat to meet the conditions of the room, that way the nursery can stay at the perfect temperature all night long.
  • Worried about safety? Most parents are. Room heaters are safe an there are a variety of models that include extra built-in safety features like cool-touch materials and auto shut-off. If you're still concerned, follow this link for more safety tips: space heater safety tips.

An oil filled electric radiator is probably the best type of heater you can get for your baby's room. This is because they are really safe with no exposed heat source to start a fire. Don't forget to look for a model with a programmable thermostat.


Parents need to stay warm too. Space heaters are an ideal option for your bedroom too. They fit in small spaces easily. So you can set them on a nightstand or in a corner. They're portable so you can move them around at will.


If you have hardwood floors one great option is a baseboard heater. They don't take up much space and are great at effectively warming floors. So you can wake up and get out of bed not worrying about stepping onto a cold floor. They also don't use much energy so are very cost effective.

If your bedroom is exceptionally large an infrared heater might be the best option. Instead of distributing warmth throughout the entire bedroom they just heat people and objects in front of them. So they're a more energy efficient option for larger rooms, saving you money.

There are many other great options for heating your bedroom. One important thing to consider when choosing one is the size of your bedroom. When looking at the many different models pay close attention to the coverage area listed. You don't want one that covers too much area because that would be inefficient. You also don't want on that covers too little because that would be ineffective.


The basement is often the family room. Maybe it's your bonus room or a place to do the laundry. For some, the basement is the place your teenagers sit and watch T.V. No matter how you use your basement, you'll need a heater to keep it warm.

A basement can get exceptionally cold, especially in areas where it snows frequently. However, it can be very expensive to have such a large space centrally heated. A small space heater is the perfect source of warmth for this type of space. Turn one on when you need it and off when you don't. This will save you money in the long run by not wasting energy.

A great heating option for basements is a ceramic heater. Turn one on and you'll immediately feel a blast of hot air to warm you up. Then it will work very quickly to warm up the rest of the space.

The only downside is they can be a little noisier than other heaters since they use a fan to distribute the heat. That shouldn't be a problem when there's a lot of activity going on like in a basement game room.


CC-20 Image1

Nothing is worse than stepping out of the shower into a cold room. Use a small bathroom heater to ensure that when you dry off it's in a cozy, warm environment.

A wall heater would probably be the best models to use in a bathroom since there's not very much space to work with. They are easy to install and take up virtually no space.

Or try an ultra-compact model that you can easily move to another room when you're done drying off.

Also, look into getting a towel warmer for your bathroom. These don't take up much space and they make drying off a warm, pleasurable experience. You won't have to worry about getting goose bumps.

Home Office

If you work from home or if you just have a room dedicated to paying bills and surfing the internet then you might want to consider getting a good source of heat so you can stay comfortable.

A great option is a flat panel oil-filled heater. These types of heaters are very thin so they can fit perfectly under your desk. Don't worry about cold feet anymore, these will keep your toes cozy and comfortably warm!


Garages and workshops aren't usually insulated and they're not typically connected to the house's central heating system. As a result it can be hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in these spaces. They are also larger than any other room in your home and so require a special heating source.

There are many different options of garage heaters available. These units are typically electric or gas powered and they include a fan to help more evenly distribute hot air around the large space.

A great option for an exceptionally large space that is well ventilated is a propane heater because they can heat very large areas like warehouse and factories. For gas heaters you'll need to pay close attention to BTUs to know what the coverage area for a particular unit is.

Spot heating is also an effective way to heat shops and garages because they don't warm an entire space but rather the people and objects directly in front of it. One of the best options is an infrared heater. Since this is an electric heater you'll need to pay attention to wattage when trying to determine the coverage area.

One Final Thought

Maybe the room you want to heat is an add-on, or perhaps the heat duct in your house doesn't heat rooms evenly. No matter the reason, space heaters are the answer. Apply heat where you need it most, and don't waste energy on areas that you don't use.

Electric heaters can save you money. Using one to warm individual spaces eliminates the need to run your heating system as often. Gas heating can get expensive. If you have a central unit or a wall furnace, they can be costly. Space heaters warm the areas you want without any additional cost.

DMCS13R Image5
Additional features to look for are:

  • Timer
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Heat settings
  • Air purification
  • User-friendly controls

The following safety features are important too:

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Tip-over switch
  • Cool touch exterior
  • Overheat protection

Space heaters are a superior, worry-free option. Don't worry about winter overtaking you. You can be prepared with a space heater, a great source of warmth that will get you through the months to come.

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