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Quick and Easy Ways to Stay Warm This Winter


During chilly winter months, heating your home is vital to your health and comfort. Unfortunately, it can be very expensive and makes you dread getting your gas or electric bill every month.

We all know to wear warmer clothing and wrap up with blankets, but many of us still feel chilled.

Fortunately, you can save money on your heating bill and enjoy a warmer home by following a few easy tips.

Getting Ready for Winter

Mother Nature

Take advantage of Mother Nature. During the day, open your blinds and curtains and let the sun shine in! The warm sun will quickly warm interior spaces, taking the bite out the cold.

The sun will heat your home without driving up your energy bill too. It's a great money-saving tip, and better yet, it's free!

Avoid Drafts


Cold drafts can make your favorite room in the house uncomfortable during winter months. Thankfully, it can be easily avoided and you'll soon be enjoying a warmer space with a few easy do-it-yourself improvements.

Put your hand at the edges of your windows and doors, if you feel cool air seeping in, it'll be extremely hard to get warm. Add weather stripping to your windows and doors and stop those drafts in their tracks.


Place your hand flat against the window pane and door panel. Feel the cold?This cold air makes your interior chilly. Keep cold air from seeping through the window panes and doors with curtains and blinds. They're great insulators! Covering the windows with curtains and blinds stops the cold in its tracks.

They also keep the warm air in. Running a heater? Don't let cold air mix with the warmth your heater produces. An insulated room maintains warmth longer, and since curtains and blinds are excellent insulators, the heat is netter maintained. This will help your heating system work efficiently.

Zone Heating with a Space Heater


A great way to save money on your heating bill is to only heat rooms you're spending time in. This heating strategy is called zone heating and it's cost effective. Space heaters are perfect for this kind of heating.

Instead of running your primary heating system, simply warm one room at a time. If you're using your primary heater and it isn't enough then a space heater will pick up the slack. Because most of them are electric, they're efficient, costing only pennies to run, and they're eco-friendly.

Lower energy use and keep money in your pocket by heating your home in an efficient manner. There are a many different kinds of space heaters to choose from, but they can be broken down into a few basic categories. Below we review the different models to help you determine which one is the right fit.


Oil-filled space heaters are ideal for warming a personal space or small room. They're very easy to maintain because the oil inside the unit never needs to be replaced. They're portable as most models feature handles and wheels so they can be easily moved from room to room.

They're also completely silent because they don't use a fan to spread the warmth. Oil filled models are ideal for use under desks in the office or in a bedroom.


Ceramic space heaters with fan-forced air are probably the most common type. They're safe and come in a wide range of designs sure to suit any lifestyle. This model is typically compact and ideal for heating spaces up to 150 square feet.

The size you choose should depend on the coverage desired. Many of these units come with handy features like built-in thermostats and remote controls for added convenience.


Infrared heaters are typically the most energy efficient. These units are great for warming personal spaces, because the heat produced is similar to the heat produced by the sun, you feel the warmth immediately.

An infrared heater doesn't use a fan to spread the warmth, so it's very quiet. They're effective and produce heat quickly. As soon as you turn it on, you'll begin to notice a change in temperature.

A Few Final Suggestions


Zone heating is an efficient way to keep your family and pets warm and cozy through the cold winter months.

It's a good idea to determine the size of the room you wish to heat and whether or not you want to warm a personal space or the entire room.

Oil-filled and fan forced units are better for heating bedrooms and living rooms. Infrared heaters are better for personal spaces. Factor in your needs and make a selection based on those.

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