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Know the Benefits  and Conveniences of Your Space Heater


Space heaters are normally used to provide heat to closed areas. There are some types of space heaters that prove to be effective outdoors as well. Heaters that use the tungsten filament are effective indoors as well as outdoors.

On the other hand, there are space heaters that rely on an element for heat. These heaters are effective indoors. But they cannot be used outdoors or in open spaces. Even if you are using the heater indoors, you will need proper insulation. If the insulation is not proper, it will fail to perform indoors as well.

Space heaters are quite underrated. Most people do not realize the true potential of a space heater. There are many benefits of having a space heater. Let's go over a few:

Inexpensive To Purchase

Space heaters do not use complex mechanics to provide heating. Instead it incorporates basic principles. This is why space heaters are more affordable and durable at the same time. Even then a simple repair will bring it back to working order.

Low Electricity Consumption

space-heaters-ebook-blurb-3-300Space heaters that use a tungsten filament heat up fairly quickly. Once the ideal operating temperature is reached, the filament is kept at a constant temperature. If the temperature of the filament drops, the system uses electricity to heat it back up. There are two main reasons a tungsten filament heater consumes less electricity.

The first and foremost reason is that tungsten filaments do not require much time to warm up. Filler heaters required the filler material to heat up to provide warmth. These heaters consume more electricity in the mere process of heating up the fillers. Moreover, once the filler was heated, it had to be kept warm.

This brings us to the second reason why tungsten filament heaters consume less electricity. Tungsten filaments remain hot for quite a while. When they do cool off, they require a small amount of electricity to attain the same temperature as before. You will save a substantial amount of money on operating a tungsten filament space heater.

Effective Heating

Tungsten filament heaters provide excellent heating. The radiation gets absorbed directly by the skin and clothes. Regular heaters warm up the air as opposed to the skin and clothes. This is why they require a long time to provide adequate heating. Even then the heat is not as much as produced by tungsten filament heaters.

No Installation Required for Most

Most people prefer space heaters because they do not require to be installed. Most of the highly portable ones are operated by electricity and you only need to plug them in.

Some baseboard heaters and garage heaters require a bit of do-it-yourself wiring, but that's it.

Regular heaters require the installation of several overhead ducts or at least a flue. But in the case of electric space heaters, you do not need installation.

Great for Space Constrained Areas

If you have a small area where you cannot install a large heating system, a space heater is the best option for you. Electric space heaters do not even require flues. Moreover, space heaters are quite compact. You can keep the heater almost anywhere, plug it in and heat up the area. This is exactly what makes it great for outdoor trips as well.

Easy To Carry Around

Carrying space heaters around is no problem. You can move it from room to room easily without any hassle. If you want to use it outdoors, you can easily manage that as well. Space heaters are not heavy at all. This will make your winter outings even more fun.

Requires Less Storage Space

During the summer, large heating systems take up a lot of space and do not serve your purpose. But when it comes to space heaters, they are quite small. You do not require much space for storage as well. Most space heaters only take up 1 sq. ft. If you have a large space heater, you may require more space.

No Extra Equipment Required For Installation

For most heaters, you will need to get the flue professionally installed and probably hire a professional for installing the heater too.

Not to mention the heaters take up a lot of space and cannot be moved around easily.

Can Be Used In Most Areas

If you have a space heater, you are not restricted to using it indoors. If you are out on a camping trip or any other outdoor activity, you can easily carry it along. Space heaters are not only effective in heating indoor areas but outdoors as well.

Does Not Overload Electrical System

The main issue with most electronic heaters is that they overload the electronic systems. But space heaters have a simplified system.

These heaters do not strain the electronic system. If the electronic sockets are strained, there is the risk of a short circuit and fire. Therefore, using a space heater is a safer option.

There are many ways you can effectively use your space heater. Most space heaters can be used in various areas. Since they are portable, it makes it easy to move them around.

Holiday Heating

If you are going on a holiday trip, it is best to carry your space heater along. You can even carry a space heater on camping trips. They can provide heating for you in the tent as well as outdoors.

Are They Good For Workplace Heating?

There are many workplaces that do not have sufficient space to install a proper heating system or they may be cost constrained.

Space heaters not only provide excellent heating, it is a cost-effective solution as well. Not only will you save money on purchasing the space heater, you will also save a substantial amount on operating costs.

Getting a space heater for your workplace is a great way to cut down on overheads.

Energy and cost conservation is a growing concern nowadays. Not only businesses, but homeowners are also making an effort to cut down on their energy bills. Energy bills particularly spike in the winter months. This is because people need to use the heating systems. Central heating requires a large infrastructure. There are ducts in every room and a central unit which provides heat to each area.

The nature of a central heating system is such that it consumes a lot of energy. Even if you are heating a single room, the entire system is powered on. This is where space heaters prove to be a cost-effective option. They heat a particular area effectively, without having to turn on a large system. They provide dedicated and effective heating for each room.

Even if you have a single space heater, you can carry it around to different areas around the home and office. If you need to heat multiple areas at one time, you will need to purchase more than one unit. Even then you will save a significant amount of energy. The best part is that space heaters are not as expensive as central heating systems.

They are relatively cheaper and they do not require professional installation. If you go for a fuel burning space heater, you will need to get a flue installed. Even then you will not have to spend as much money as you would if you go for a central heating system.

Are Certain Space Heaters More Cost-Effective than Others?

There is an ongoing speculation that all space heaters consume the same amount of energy. However, there is some variance between the different types of space heaters available on the market. Space heaters in general are excellent for conserving energy, but there are some that consume less energy than others. Let's look at the most cost-effective types of space heaters:

Radiative vs. Convective Heaters

When you compare Radiative heaters with convective ones, making a decision can be rather confusing. This is because these heaters are considered the most cost-effective options. However, the operating costs for both type of heaters is different because of the heating mediums they use. Radiative heaters use tungsten filaments.

These filaments heat up quickly and retain heat for longer periods of time. Moreover, the heat they generate is enough to be distributed around the area without any help. On the other hand, convective heaters use heating elements. These elements work in pretty much the same way as tungsten filaments and require less time to heat up.

But they do not generate enough heat and require a secondary aid to distribute the heat. Convective heaters are generally not equipped with fans that spread the heat around the room. The element requires less time to heat up, and there is no need for a noisy fan to spread the heat and this results in higher electricity consumption.

Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heaters

Oil-filled radiators are by far the least energy efficient space heaters. These heaters use oil to produce heat. The oil is heated through electric charges. The oil takes longer to heat up which results in high energy consumption. Moreover, an oil filled radiator does not provide instant heating. This is because the oil needs time to warm up. But once the oil heats up, it provides constant heating and that's when the energy consumption decreases significantly.

Which Space Heater Is Energy Efficient?

The most efficient space heater is the Radiative type. Not only does it provide adequate heating, it also consumes less electricity. However, you should consider your application before you purchase a heater. This is because some heaters may work better for you. In such a case, it may not be the best idea to go for a Radiative type space heater.

How Can You Estimate The Daily Running Cost Of Space Heaters?

It is important to estimate the daily operating cost of a space heater, not only for businesses but also for homes. In most cases, electric space heaters are plugged into a socket. But if you want to calculate the operating cost, the best thing to do is to plug it into the mains outlet.

There are many benefits of plugging a space heater into the mains outlet:

1. The first and foremost advantage is that you will be able to determine the amount of electricity it consumes. Once you are aware of the electricity consumption of the space heater you can divide the total kW by hours, days or even minutes. This will allow you to determine the estimated running cost of your space heater.

2. The second advantage is safety. The wires leading to the power socket indoors are smaller. If multiple appliances are plugged in, they could heat and catch a fire. On the other hand, the wires used on the mains outlet are heavy duty. They can withstand immense electricity load. This provides an added level of safety.

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