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Soleus HM4-15E-01 Micathermic Space Heater Review

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Below is our product editor's review of the Soleus HM4-15E-01. Read on to see how it rates: 


Soleus HM4-15E-01 Micathermic Space Heater


This low profile flat panel room heater from Soleus utilizes micathermic heating technology, meaning it combines both reflective and convection heating. 

While this heater won't give you instant heat like a radiant heater, it will warm up a small to medium sized room and is completely silent.  In fact, we use this heater in our office and finds that it works incredibly well. 

Ideal for someone who:

  • Wants to warm up a small to medium sized room 

  • Needs a heater that won't make much noise

  • Is looking for a cost-efficient way to add supplemental heat to a bedroom, living area, or office.  


  • Features a slim design that leaves a small footprint - great for areas without a lot of floor space 

  • Energy Saving "ECO" mode decreases power consumption by 30% once your desired temperature is reached 

  • Quiet operation makes this unit great for nighttime use 

  • Safety features include overheat safety protection and a tip over switch 

  • Includes easy to use push button controls with a programmable digital thermostat 

  • Radiates heat even after it shuts off




  • Takes a while for the unit to heat up 

  • Doesn't produce enough heat for very large areas 


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