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Shopping for a Shower Head? - Don't Miss These Great Choices!

If you're in the market for a showerhead, you may be thinking to yourself, "What have I gotten myself into? There are way too many to choose from!"

Here at Air-N-Water, we try to make finding the showerhead you want quick and easy, so we've compiled a list of customer favorites to make your decision trouble free. We aim to make shopping online easy but if you have further questions feel free to call us at 1-800-734-0405.

If you already have a showerhead you love, BUT you want to filter your shower water. You should try out one of our shower head filters. They simply install right behind your existing showerhead. Installation takes just minutes and there are no special tools needed. Start enjoying pure, fresh showers with a showerhead filter.

If you don't love your shower head then your best choice may be a combination shower head and filter. These filters combine the showerhead and filter into one compact unit.These are available in a variety of styles that will add comfort and luxury to your shower while you enjoy perfectly clean water. Tired of your old, over-calcified showerhead that sprays that uncomfortable jet of water straight in your face? Our showerhead filters prevent this morning struggle and give you a chlorine free downpour that you're sure to enjoy.

What about a showerhead with a handle? Most come with multi-valve heads that feature a massaging spray to relax away your tension. Shower handle filters are handy in a variety of situations. Shower handles make bathing easy if you have to stay seated while showering or have trouble reaching the showerhead. Bathing small children is also much easier when you control exactly where the water goes. Shower handles are simply the most convenient shower head you can buy.

Ever consider a shower extension? Shower extension filters make you feel like you've just stepped into an Amazonian waterfall. Whether you chose to keep your old shower head or you decide to go with one of our shower head options, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the great sensation of having water fall directly from above. Because they adjust, you'll have a great shower whether you're tall or not so tall!

Below are some of the most popular showerheads from our catagories. Whichever you choose you'll be left feeling clean and refreshed at the end of your shower.

The SR-WHM Perma-Seal Shower Water Filter with Massaging Showerhead is one of our best sellers in this category. Lasting roughly twelve months, the patented Chlorgon purification media in these showerheads will keep out common contaminants such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrogen Sulfide, and many more. Unfortunately, the Perma-Seal shower head filter has no exchangeable
The ARA5-GT Royale All-In-One 5 Valve Shower Head combines a deluxe 5-way massaging showerhead and built-in reversible high-flow replaceable filter into one unit for maximum filtration in minimum space. The Royale all-in-one is a great overall value too. With its high strength housing & triple plated finish, the ARAG-GT is seriously strong. The soft-touch adjustment pads and anti-scaling spray nozzle makes this showerhead water filter our best all-in-one.ara5-ct2_150px
The FXD-CM Double Arm Shower Extension Filter has wing-lock hinged joints to facilitate shower height adjustment. The FXD-CM has a 20" double extension arm giving a full 40" of adjustment range. Keep your current showerhead, just attach it to the end of this filtered shower extension arm and enjoy a brand new experience. Patented Chlorgon water purification system helps remove harsh additives that are often present in city water. This shower head extension is sure to make your mornings more invigorating than ever!fxd-cm_150px
FXS-CM-S3 Single Arm Shower Extension Filter starts with a 10-inch single extension arm, with 20-inch adjustment range, and ends with an invigorating 3" side-pan showerhead. Great for people of any height, this filtered showerhead and extension is sure to flood your body mind and spirit with pure liquid indulgence. The FXS-CMS3 has wing-locked joints that facilitate shower height adjustment.fxds-cms3
The HH-CT Original Filtered Shower Handle uses patented Chlorgon filtration technology and three spray valves that help you relax after a long day. The Chlorgon purification system removes harsh additives such as chlorine, Iron oxide (rust) and other chemicals that are harmful to your skin, hair and eyes. In fact, when heated, chlorine can turn into hazardous chlorine vapors and cause damage to your respiratory system.hh-ct_150px
The SFH5-CM Shower Falls 5-Valve Shower Handle not only filters out chlorine, dirt and odors from your shower, but it has one of the best shower sprays available. It can also be extended 24 inches in any direction. Shower Falls delivers an exhilarating spray from a variety of angles including directly above. This shower handle is great for taller people who are tired of shuffling around under conventional showerheads. Shower handles are also great for people with special needs, or for bathing small children.sfh5-cm_150px
The SR-WH Perma-Seal Shower Filter is an inexpensive, high performance shower filter. This popular model will effectively filter the shower water for a period of one year. For extra strength and durability it is ultra-sonically welded to create a permanently sealed unit. The SR incorporates the patented "full-flow filter design" utilizing anti-channeling dispersal quadrants to distribute the water evenly throughout the patented Chlorgon filtering media. This unit does not include a shower head, so you'll need to use the one you already
The HOB-CM High-Output Shower Filter uses patented Chlorgon technology to filter your shower water, and make it sparkle like it should. The HOB-CM is one of our finest shower head purifiers. The HOB-CM with chrome finish can help soften your skin and keep your hair strong. Not to mention it can reduce that ugly scale build-up and filter out chlorine.hob-cm2_150px

showerheadwaterfiltersThe Chlorgon Filtration media in the above shower heads and filters become charged with contaminants on a daily basis. To keep your shower head filter at peak performance, we suggest changing the filter cartridge on a regular basis. What exactly is a regular basis? It depends on what shower head you own and your usage. Below is a table that should help you make your decision. By replacing your filter cartridge you decrease your chances clogging your shower head's spray nozzles, and above all, it'll keep you contaminant free.

Shower Head Filter Type Lifetime
SLB-XXSLC 6 Months
SL-XXSLC 6 Months
HF-XXHHC-2 (2 pack) 3 Months (ea)
ARA5-XXARC 9 Months
ARS5-XXSLC 6 Months
APS3-XXSLC 6 Months
A1-XXA1C 6 Months
HE3-XXHCC-2 (2 pack) 3 Months (ea)
HR5-XXHHC-2 (2 pack) 3 Months (ea)
HH-XXHHC-2 (2 pack) 3 Months (ea)
SFH5-XXHHC-2 (2 pack) 3 Months (ea)
FXS-XXHHC-2 (2 pack) 3 Months (ea)
FXD-XXHHC-2 (2 pack) 3 Months (ea)

Note: There are two variations of the Royale Filtered Shower Head, One which uses the ARC Replacement Filter Cartridge and one that uses the SLC Replacement Filter Cartridge. Most cartridges have the model number printed on the side in large black lettering. When laid flat the SLC cartridge measures 1 5/8 inches in height, while the ARC cartridge measures exactly 2 inches.

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