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Showerhead Filter Quick Guide -- All About Showerhead Filters

1. What is chlorgon water technology, and how would this technology be beneficial for my household?

Shower without chlorine. Chlorine is used universally to purify water through the eliminating of bacteria and other microorganisms, but once this chemical is used throughout your home, it can negatively affect your family's personal appearance, comfort, and even long-term health. Our filtered shower heads, handles, and extensions - with patented Chlorgon Water Purification Technology -remove chlorine at a wider temperature range than other shower head systems. Other benefits include pH balancing, reducing the build-up of scale on your tiles and glass, full removal of rust water, dirt, and sediment from your water, and for those areas of the country such as the northeast, where homes access well water (water with a rotten egg odor), the hydrogen sulfide will be removed along with the smell.

2. What physical benefits will I really get when chlorine is filtered from my shower?

Chlorgon Technology will actually bring you softer hair and smoother skin. Millions of people own water filters to remove chlorine from drinking water, yet 50% of chlorine exposure occurs in the shower. Do you bathe in tap water? Unfiltered shower water can increase your chlorine exposure through not only the chlorine absorption through the skin, but also through the inhalation of the chemical's vapors. When chlorine is heated it produces a chlorine gas that can creep into and irritate your lungs. Patented Chlorgon Technology will help you fight brittle hair, dry skin, dandruff, and is ideal for preserving color-treated hair - where health and beauty begin - right in your shower

3. How will a Chlorgon shower water filter benefit my health?

You will actually be able to breathe much easier with one of our shower filters. Scientific studies have linked chlorinated water to potentially harmful health conditions. Chlorine vaporizes from the hot water within the shower's walls, and when inhaled into the lungs, the chlorine is then transferred into the blood stream. Our shower filters reduce the risks associated with these harsh vapors.Shower water filters is a logical solution for those with environmental concerns, including those concerned with the air and water purity within the home. Replacing and using a filter in the first place is the first step toward improved health conditions and using a new shower filter in all showers in the house will provide a fully protected personal environment for your family.

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