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Sharp Portable Air Conditioners: Bringing Green to Air Conditioning

Innovative History


Founded originally in Japan in 1912, Sharp Electronics Corporation was created as an overseas expansion to the U.S. in 1962. Since that time, Sharp has been a frontrunner of innovation and technology for consumer electronics worldwide. Their research and development, conducted at the Sharp Laboratories of America, has kept them at the cutting edge of invention.

Sharp's diligent product and market research intentionally targets what consumers are looking for in an appliance. Sharp is known for making demand-creating products; just a few items in Sharp's portfolio which have changed industry standards:

  • First microwave with a turntable, invented 1965
  • World's thinnest fax machine, the chic UX-1 in 1990
  • LCD ViewCam became a flagship product and made Sharp synonymous with LCD, debuted 1994
  • Sharp's Environmental Protection Group is launched and the corporation introduces a company-wide motto known as "3G1R" (Green products, Green factories, Green industry, Recycling business) in 1997
  • 1 millionth solar module, manufactured in 2008

Green Hero


Sharp is avidly in support of sustainable technology, including products that can save energy or even create energy. The company aims to eventually be carbon-neutral and wants to become "the No.1 environmentally responsible company from product planning, factory operation, and work processing to employee actions."

Sharp hopes to lead by example, setting a precedent to other companies and people that they can adopt lifestyles which do not harm the environment. The company has installed many solar energy systems, supplying power to San Francisco's baseball park, FedEx's hub in Oakland, Google's headquarters, and the Denver International Airport. Sharp maintains that investing in green technology is the best way to preserve nature for future generations.


When shopping for a home portable air conditioner, it is important to be wary of machines that sap energy or emit toxic ozone.  Sharp portable air conditioners incorporate the following measures to maintain an energy efficient device: 

  • Contain easily recyclable materials, including lead-free solder on circuit boards
  • Use R-410A refrigerant, instead of ozone producing R-22 refrigerant
  • Efficient parts, including inverter technology, high-efficiency motors, and sensors that analyze air quality to adjust can speed to match the ambient conditions.
  • All Sharp portable air conditioners are Energy Star® certified

Sharp has received praise from the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Government for its conservation-minded approach. The company consistently and voluntarily goes beyond the regulations of environmental law.

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