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Get Winter Ready with our Safest and Most Effective Garage Heaters!

Finding a safe and effective supplemental source of heating is hard enough for the inside of your home but what about your garage or personal workshop?

As temperatures drop, you're going to need a way to heat your man cave to a comfortable level. Whether you're facing 6 feet of snow this winter or mild Santa Ana winds, the temperature is going to drop. So what are your options?

Our experts have reviewed the top garage heaters for your work area.  Each is safe and effective in its own way. See our recommendations below and their features. 

Solid steel constructionYesYesYes
Overheat protectionYesYesYes
Safety grilleYesYesYes
240V PlugYesYes-
Wall/ceiling mount-YesYes
Automatic temperature controlYesYesYes

Through constant research and growing expertise, NewAir produces heaters that are safe and reliable. Exceptional attributes and innovative detailing set the NewAir design apart from any other brand. Through regular testing, they continually strive to perfect their products and provide incomparable merchandise that is exclusive to the NewAir name.

For garage space heating, NewAir makes the safest and most reliable options. They're durable and capable of heating large areas. Below are our suggestions for safe garage heating.

NewAir G56

If you're looking for a portable heater with great coverage, the NewAir G56 is a great choice. This heater warms up to 560 sq. ft. of space and plugs into a 240V outlet.

There is no hardwiring required, so it easily moved where you need additional warmth. The fan-forced design covers a vast area in a quick manner, stopping Jack Frost in his tracks. Safety features include:

  • Overheat protection
  • Safety grille
  • Sturdy steel body
  • Protected heat element
  • ETL, UL, and CUL listed for safe use
  • Carry handle with cord storage
  • Fully electric with zero emissions and no venting required

NewAir G70

Like the NewAir G56, the NewAir G70 requires no hardwiring. Simply plug it into a 240V outlet and you're all set! Moreover, it heats up to 400 sq. ft. of space at a rapid rate. It's wall or ceiling mountable and includes a mounting bracket for easy setup.

Fan-forced airflow spreads quickly and evenly for maximum comfort and the built-in thermostat provides automatic temperature control. In the garage or workshop, this unit is durable and includes a variety of safety features to make it rate well on our list of options.

  • Safety certified with UL and CUL listing
  • Automatic shut off to prevent overheating
  • Solid metal construction
  • Safety grille
  • Protected heat element
  • Carry handle
  • Electric so it doesn't produce harmful emissions or require any venting

NewAir G73

Considered one of the safest and trusted heaters, the NewAir G73 warms up to 500 sq. ft. of space. This heater also contains propeller fan heating that spreads warmth effortlessly.

Different from the other heaters, this one must be hardwired to a single location. It's also wall and ceiling mountable and includes a swiveling mounting bracket for targeting airflow where you need it most. Multiple safety features include:

  • Automatic shut off
  • Safety grille
  • Protected heat element
  • Durable steel construction
  • UL and CUL certified for safe use
  • Carry handle
  • Fully electric with zero emissions and no venting required

What do the customers have to say?


Customer reviews suggest the NewAir G56 raises temperatures by nearly 30° F. in an un-insulated area in about 35 minutes to a comfortable temperature.

Although considered a little noisy and even smaller than expected, this heater packs a punch. Fairly priced, it "performs as advertised", heating sheds, garages, and workshops up to 500 sq. ft. effectively.

The NewAir G70 is a fan favorite. Considered small and powerful, this heater is said to successfully warm a 12 x 28 ft. workshop in Northeastern NY in about 45 minutes. 

Most consider this unit "not too noisy, reasonable level of adjustment for the thermostat, and made well." Small in stature, this unit is powerful, effective, and capable of increasing temperatures from 20-30° F. in a matter of minutes.

Customer reviews indicate that the NewAir G73 warms large garage areas up to 1100 sq. ft. If insulated, this heater manages to create a warm environment for the customer to use. At a temperature of 25° F., this heater warmed the area to 70° F. on the number 4 setting.

One review claims this heater raised the garage temperature by 30° F. within 25 minutes. Other positive features include quiet operation, high velocity heat output, efficient, turning on for a few minutes every half hour to maintain temperature, and fair pricing.

After careful testing, we rate these products high in terms of safety. All safety features are reliable, making them a great source of warmth for any garage or workshop. Are you shopping for safe and effective heating this winter? Our experts claim the NewAir brand is a great way to go!

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