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Saeco Company Information

Italian Lifestyle

Saeco was founded in Italy in 1981. Since their formulation, Saeco has become a European leader in coffee machine market. The company prides themselves on bringing premium experience to every coffee epicure. Their machines combine Italian aesthetics with refined construction. Saeco espresso machines use design to transform appliances into works-of-art; they are as suited for a elegant Italian coffeeshop as they are for your kitchen counter.

An authentic cafe experience at home

The company believes in bringing convenient luxuries to everyday life.  Saeco espresso machines are crafted with quality, with evolving technology to produce top-notch beverages. Saeco's lines of automatic and manual espresso machines are made with the goal of bringing an authentic cafe experience to consumer's homes.

The company seeks to offer innovative products that add simplicity to the art of coffee making. Saeco built their premium espresso makers with the notion that espresso is an important, idyllic ritual. Espresso is the most basic way to enjoy coffee beans: concentrated coffee flavor unfettered with milk or sweeteners. Espresso is emblematic of the coffeehouse lifestyle that literally began in Italy.

All of Saeco's espresso makers offer unbeatable versatility. These machines allow the water level to be adjusted with each cup, so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a concentrated shot of espresso. Customizing coffee is extremely simple, the closed system is fine-tuned enough to create a balanced tasting beverage.


The Saeco Primea automatic espresso machine allows for you to program several perfectly calibrated coffee drinks. Some of its features include:

  • Bean Hopper: Holds beans until they are ready to be used, deposits correct amount into ceramic grinder.
  • Touch 2 Cappuccino: The press of a button allows you to prepare 2 cappuccinos simultaneously
  • Cappuccinatore: Froths milk to produce a lovely cap of foam atop espresso drinks
  • Aqua Prima: Water-filtering system which removes impurities and softens water. This leads to a more defined flavor in your espresso and less mineral build-up inside the machine.




The Talea automatic espresso machine features an easy to use touch display to make a wide array of coffee drinks. Like all Saeco automatic espresso makers, Talea comes with a built in Aqua Prima water filter, milk frothing wand, and adjustable cup tray. Talea comes with a built in ceramic grinder, which produces grounds of the optimal consistency.



The Odea line is comprised of compact, automatic espresso machines. Odea comes equipped with internal boilers powered by Rapid Steam technology, which instantly produce hot water. The automatic espresso machine can be adjusted with the turn of a single knob, adding the perfect amount of water or milk to your beverage. The Odea Giro espresso machine interface allows you to customize the amount of coffee you want, from a tiny espresso cup to a mug of Americano.




Saeco offers their Aroma line for those who prefer to make espresso traditionally. Their Aroma manual espresso machines are built with a sturdy metal body, available in graphite or stainless steel. Aroma includes a pressurized portafilter, which can create espresso from fresh beans or premeasured espresso pods. The Aroma espresso machine is topped with a cup warming surface, allowing you to display and heat ceramic cups.



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