Why You Should Own An Electric Pressure Cooker

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Cooking is something many of us love to do, but maybe don’t have a lot of time for. Most kitchens are full of various cooking tools to help the chef-of-the-house craft delicious cuisine for his or her family. Among the pots and pans, there’s one piece of equipment that every kitchen needs to help create tasty recipes with minimal effort and time: Pressure cookers.

Pressure cookers may seem quite traditional, possibly something you remember seeing in your family’s kitchen as a child. However, with today’s innovations in pressure cooking equipment, there have been countless improvements, affording several benefits of an electric pressure cooker that could completely change how you cook for yourself and your family.

What is a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers help cook food faster and use energy more efficiently. Evaporating water or other cooking liquid inside the pressure cooker creates steam, which increases the pressure and creates a temperature rise. Foods the can be cooked in steam or water-based liquids, like veggies, are perfect for pressure cookers. Pressure cooking can be especially great for simulating the effects of a long braising when cooking meats.

  1. Energy Efficient

Forget the days of using multiple pots on the stove. Instead, experience the efficiency of a pressure cooker that prepares food more quickly and therefore uses less energy. Pressure cookers are particularly well-suited for single pot cooking recipes.


  1. Less Meal Prep

When the family is hungry, getting a meal on the table as quickly as possible is something all at-home chefs will appreciate. Foods can cook up to 70% faster with a pressure cooker. After a long day, gather all of your ingredients, toss them into the cooker, and relax while your meal is prepared in minutes. One of the greatest benefits of an electric pressure cooker is helping to prepare delicious meals every day, regardless of a busy schedule.


  1. A Healthier Option

The longer you cook your food, the fewer the nutrients will be retained. Because the pressure cooker prepares food so quickly, the nutrients are more plentiful. This will be apparent as foods will retain their color and flavor more so than in conventional cooking methods.


  1. Keeping the Kitchen Cool

Especially during summer months, finding ways to keep the kitchen cool can be a life saver for any cook. Reduce the heat that rises from pots and pans by using a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers keep the heat and steam in so your kitchen doesn’t heat up. Having a cool kitchen can make all the difference while preparing a meal.


  1. Reduce the Clean-Up 

Cleaning the kitchen after preparing a meal is probably your least favorite thing to do. The residue build up on stove tops and walls, and back splashes can easily increase when cooking with traditional pots and pans. With a secured lid to prevent splashing and splattering, pressure cookers can help reduce your kitchen clean up. Enjoy your meal and only leave one pot to clean.


  1. Preserve It

Have you ever been interested in canning? Pressure cookers can also be used for canning recipes. Whether canning vegetables, jams, or spreads, a pressure cooker can be used to seal the jars during the canning process. With a larger pressure cooker, you can fit a large batch of cans at once or use a smaller pressure cooker for smaller batches.


Why an Electric Pressure Cooker?

With all of the benefits of an electric pressure cooker, the only question left to ask is which one should you buy? Having an electric pressure cooker, like the PC1000SS from Avalon Bay, helps make the pressure cooking process even easier. This new pressure cooker with easy-to-use instructions and key features is perfect for the cook on-the-go or busy moms and dads.


Key Features of the PC1000SS:

  • 7-in-1 functions
  • Saute option
  • Slow cook setting
  • Convenient power button
  • Canning capability
  • Complementary accessories
  • Digital timer
  • Three pressure level settings
  • Non-stick, removable stainless steel inner bowl
  • Steamer rack

Cooking with a pressure cooker from Avalon Bay is something every at-home chef should experience. Cooking times are reduced, you’ll notice a savings in your energy bills, and the food you eat will be tastier and healthier. Whether you are cooking chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables, or rice, a multi-function smart pressure cooker is something every cook should have in his or her kitchen.

Cooking is more convenient and easier than ever with a pressure cooker. Even the thickest of meats can be ready to eat with minimal effort and time. Pressure cookers are also a great alternative for reheating food instead of using a microwave oven. With a variety of settings, you can cook just about anything in your electric pressure cooker with the simple push of a button.

Multi-Functions Include Settings For:

  • Rice
  • Meat
  • Yogurt
  • Soups
  • Chili
  • Beans
  • Slow cooking
  • Sautee
  • Canning and Preserving


If you are looking to try a few new recipes, it might be time to buy the Avalon pressure cooker. With 7 different settings, easy-to-clean inner bowl, digital timer and three pressure level settings, the cooking possibilities are limitless. The Avalon Bay pressure cooker offers innovations in cooking for chefs at all levels. Experience a new way to cook that saves time, energy, and a mess with an electric pressure cooker.

Learn Why Pressure Cooking Is Better:

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