Portable Induction Cooktop – Everything You Need To Know

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A portable induction cooktop is a great appliance to have in the kitchen when you need an extra stovetop burner, or if you live in a small apartment without a stove. It’s also great for RVs and camping, when there is an electric outlet available. Learning how to use an induction cooktop is simple and quick for cooks at any level. When using the Avalon Bay portable induction cooktop, IC100B and IC200B, you can easily prepare meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You might be wondering, “What is induction?” Induction utilizes a high-frequency electromagnet to create a magnetic field between the cooktop and the pan. Through the magnetic fields, electric currents circulate and heat is generated in the pan. The cooktop heats up quickly and can cook food in half the time.

How to Use a Precision Portable Induction Cooktop

Before You Cook

  • Remove the portable hot plate cooktop from the packaging materials
  • Wipe down the cooktop, but make sure not to let water inside the cooktop
  • Assemble the cooktop
  • Make sure the cooktop is placed on an even, flat surface
  • Ensure the voltage listed on the cooktop matches the local voltage
  • Check to ensure the plug is undamaged and inserted properly into the electrical socket
  • The cooktop must not be placed near materials that are combustible, including cloth materials and stoves
  •  The cooktop cannot be placed against walls or other appliances
  • Always keep the cooktop away from children


Operating the Precision Induction Cooktop

  • Make sure to only use suitable cookware on the cooktop, including cast iron, steel, stainless steel and enameled iron.
  • Switch the cooktop on using the control panel
  • Choose from one of two cooking modes for the food: power or temperature
  • Then use the function button to set the cook time
  • When you hear the timer beep, your food will be done
  • Clean the cooktop with a quick wipe down

While You’re Cooking

  • If you are heating canned food, make sure the lid has been removed
  • Never place an empty container on top of the cooktop while it is on
  • Make sure the exhaust vent is uncovered while on
  • Never touch the heating plate while the cooktop is on
  • Keep all metal objects off the cooktop while it is on
  • Don’t unplug the cooktop until it has been switched off

Purchasing the Avalon Bay portable induction cooktop will enhance your ability to prepare delicious meals at home or on the move. Whether you are looking for a little extra space on your stove or if you don’t have a stove at all, a portable induction cooktop is just what your kitchen is missing.

Don’t Have Suitable Cookware for An Induction Cooktop?

When operating the portable induction cooktop, it is important to remember to only use compatible cookware. The right cookware to be used with an induction cooktop includes steel, cast iron, stainless steel and enameled iron. Using any other type of cookware can lead to damage of the induction cooktop and the cookware you are using.

If you are looking to purchase a portable induction cooktop, but do not have any suitable cookware, an induction interface disk can be used. With the help of the interface disk, non-compatible cookware can be used on your induction cooktop. By distributing the heat between the cooktop and the cookware, meals can be prepared quickly and without hot spots. The Max Burton 6010 Stainless Steel Induction Interface Disk makes for a great companion for your portable induction cooktop. Whether you are short on clean dishes or on the road with limited supplies, you can still enjoy the convenience of your induction cooktop.

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