Our Best Space Heaters

For those times when you need to keep a small area or space warm, a portable space heater is often the most cost effective and energy efficient solution. Choose from our selection of recommended electric space heaters below: 

NewAir AH-400
Warm up your office cubicle with the NewAir AH-400. This flat panel oil filled heater fits right under your desk. Because it's a 400 watt heater, it won't trip any circuit breakers. This affordable yet efficient heater is one of our best sellers.MORE INFO
NewAir AH-450
The NewAir AH-450 provides the convenience of a space heater with the classic styling of an oil-filled heater. It includes features such as a timer, digital display, and adjustable thermostat.MORE INFO
Duraflame 10HM1342-C232
Enjoy cozy warmth instantly with the Duraflame 10HM1342-C232 Colby portable infrared space heater. This powerful heater offers on demand heat and is powerful enough to heat spaces up to 1000 square feet. It's perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, dens and more!MORE INFO
Classic Flame 18DM2105-M319
Add ambiance to your living room with the Classic Flame 18DM2105-M319. Featuring an elegant mahogany finish with classic styling, this electric fireplace also heats areas up to 400 square feet.MORE INFO
Duraflame 10HM2273-W505
Because the Duraflame 10HM2273-W505 Livingston space heater utilizes infrared technology, it's exceptionally quiet and almost silent. This unit also features a handsome cherry finish and provides instant heat. MORE INFO

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