Our Best Garage & Shop Heaters

Air-N-Water.com offers a variety of simple, innovative solutions for making your garage more usable and comfortable. Our garage heaters bring reliable and efficient warmth to almost any size garage, shop, or worksite. Read our garage heater guide for more information or take a look at our list of best garage heaters below.  

NewAir G73
Warm up areas such as garages, workshops, warehouses, and job sites with the NewAir G73 garage heater. This 5,000 watt unit is incredibly compact and features a built-in thermostat.MORE INFO
NewAir G56
If you're looking for a rugged and durable electric garage heater, then the NewAir G56 is the perfect unit for you. This powerful 5600 watt garage heater is ideal for heavy-duty environments like job sites, garages or workshops. For your convenience, it features a 6 foot cord with 240V plug and carrying handle.MORE INFO
	Dimplex DCH4831L
If you're looking for an affordable heating option for your garage or shop, the Dimplex DCH4831L is a great choice. This 4,800 watt heater is perfect for areas requiring temporary warmth. MORE INFO
Shinerich SRCH11033 Propane Gas Heater
If you are looking for complete heating power, look no further than the Shinerich SRCH11033 125,000 BTU Gas Heater. This natural gas heater offers complete portability and powerful heating. Plus it boasts a heavy duty construction that's perfect for your next job site.MORE INFO
NewAir G70
Heat areas up to 400 square feet with the NewAir G70. This 4,000 watt garage heater features automatic temperature control and also comes with a mounting bracket. MORE INFO
Q-Mark BRH562
The Q-Mark BRH562 offers 5,600 watts of heat for areas up to 560 square feet. This compact garage heater even comes with a 30 amp plug so no hardwiring is required. MORE INFO

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