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Bradley BTWOSE24 Whiskey Oak Flavor Bisquettes 24-Pack

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Availability: Discontinued
Our Price: $19.99
  • 20-minute burn time
  • Oak and whiskey flavor
  • Use with any grill


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Bradley BTWOSE24 Whiskey Oak Flavor Bisquettes 24-Pack

Combine the robust flavor of oak with the potent twinge of whiskey and smoke with the Bradley BTWOSE24 Whiskey Oak Flavor Bisquettes 24-Pack. These pucks give any of your grilled meats or vegetables a profound flavor profile that cannot be missed.

Oaky Whiskey Blend

Familiar whiskey mixes pleasantly with strong notes of oak to produce a husky, powerful aroma and flavor that can turn any of your grilled food into a flavorful masterpiece that will become a crowd favorite.

Ideal Burning Time

The Bradley BTWOSE24 Whiskey Oak Flavor Bisquettes 24-Pack has been made in such a way that it will only burn for the appropriate amount of time. After 20 minutes, these dense, solid hardwood pucks will stop burning which helps to prevent any sort of burnt flavor that often comes from smoking your food with tiny pieces of wood chips or even smaller shreds of sawdust.

Prominent Flavor

When you smoke your food with small pieces of wood like sawdust or wood chips, you are only able to work with thin strands of smoke that do not compare to the powerful billows of smoke that the Bradley BTWOSE24 Whiskey Oak Flavor Bisquettes 24-Pack gives off. With each puff of potent smoke, your food is given a blast of oak and whiskey flavor that penetrates deeply into your meat and vegetables without overpowering the natural flavor of the food.

Easy to Use Pucks

The Bradley BTWOSE24 Whiskey Oak Flavor Bisquettes 24-Pack lets you smoke your food on the grill more simply than ever before. Unlike the experience of using wood chips or sawdust to make your food, you do not have to worry about using any sort of smoking box or tin foil in order to house your pucks. These pucks are designed to be large enough that they can just sit atop the grill grates and be smoked that way. Since they are made to be so dense and compact, after the grilling is complete and the grill has cooled, you can just remove the pucks instead of having to worry about sweeping up loose sawdust and burnt wood chips.

  • Model: BTWOSE24
  • UPC: 689796110423
  • Product Type: Whiskey Oak Flavor Bisquettes 24-Pack
  • Product Dimensions: L: 2.50" x W: 5.50" x H: 8.25"
  • Product Weight: 0.88 lbs.
  • Add powerful oak and whiskey flavor to any of your grilled vegetables and meats
  • Bisquettes are made using controlled density and pressure for optimized burning
  • Each briquette can be used for 20 minutes at one time to lock in flavor
  • Made with premium hardwoods, spices and herbs for a unique flavor
  • Simply place the bisquettes right onto the grill
  • Smoke forms more evenly to ensure a better overall flavor

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