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Bradley BTCC48 Chili Cumin Flavor Bisquettes 48-Pack

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  • 20-minute burn time
  • Chili and cumin flavor
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Bradley BTCC48 Chili Cumin Flavor Bisquettes 48-Pack

Warm and spicy, the Bradley BTCC48 Chili Cumin Flavor Bisquettes 48-Pack can give you the heat you crave with a mellow hint of wood behind it. This set of 48 pucks allow you to slowly flavor your meat to the perfect amount every time.

Grill with a Spicy Kick

With the Bradley BTCC48 Chili Cumin Flavor Bisquettes 48-Pack, you can turn any old cut of meat into something to remember. Each puck in this pack allows you to enjoy the heat that comes with chili and the robust, herbal and spicy taste that cumin brings with its hearty flavor. Backed by the woody smoke of the pucks, you are getting a well-rounded combination of flavor that is finished out with just a hint of maple.

Ideal Burn Period

Though this sweet and spicy Bradley BTCC48 Chili Cumin Flavor Bisquettes 48-Pack is perfectly balanced, you do not want to overwhelm the rest of the natural flavor that comes with your meat. That is why these hardwood herb and spice-infused briquettes have been formulated to burn for the optimal amount of time which is 20 minutes. This affords the perfect release of flavor over your cooking time.

Optimal Burning Capabilities

Made out of ultra dense hardwood, the Bradley BTCC48 Chili Cumin Flavor Bisquettes 48-Pack has been crafted with optimal density and pressure in mind to ensure that they burn nice and slow. Due to their slow-burning nature, the perfect amount of smoke is released, covering the meat on your grill with just the right amount of flavor. This is opposed to the flimsy amount smoke that is released when using ordinary wood chips or sawdust.

Easy to Implement

Not only does the Bradley BTCC48 Chili Cumin Flavor Bisquettes 48-Pack produce the proper amount of smoke, they also offer a simpler way to smoke your grilled food as well. Instead of having to put wood chips or sawdust into a smoking box or into a tin foil encasement, you can just pop the puck onto the grill near your food. Because they are so simple to add, cleaning them up is just as easy.

  • Model: BTCC48
  • UPC: 689796220030
  • Product Type: Chili Cumin Flavor Bisquettes 48-Pack
  • Product Dimensions: L: 5.50" x W: 5.00" x H: 8.25"
  • Product Weight: 1.60 lbs.
  • Add a spicy kick to any of your grilled vegetables and meats
  • Bisquettes are made using controlled density and pressure for optimized burning
  • Each briquette can be used for 20 minutes at one time to lock in flavor
  • Made with premium hardwoods, spices and herbs for a unique flavor
  • Simply place the bisquettes right onto the grill
  • Smoke forms more evenly to ensure a better overall flavor

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