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Bluworld HOMelements WWLHCG-CV Horizon Falls Classic Large

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  • Indoor waterfalls
  • Lightweight
  • Submersible pump
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Bluworld HOMelements WWLHCG-CV Horizon Falls Classic Large

Home waterfalls on glass is an ideal variant for filling niches, for decoration any living or non-living space. It is a classical style which does not demand any particular features in room`s furniture. Glass Falls have become a unique interior design in the apartment, but they do an excellent job by giving the place a natural look. It is not only the appearance but the murmur of the water affects us: soothes relaxes, inspires to new achievements, helps to concentrate.


Glass and mirror: these structures differ in grace and simplicity. They create a great light, and visually such a "game" makes the premises bigger. Stones in such construction are usually natural. Products made of these materials imitate the natural waterfalls. They will be the best choice for romantic and nature atmosphere. Metal, like anodized aluminium, stainless steel, copper, is used for the manufacture of products in high-tech style.


Nozzles used in waterfall are created for a specific technology that does not allow water to spill out. Furthermore, the method of distribution of water makes additional noise. Thus, nozzle helps decorative fountain or a waterfall operate silently. When one turns off the waterfall, the pressure drops in the system nozzle drips and does not cause problems of the wet floor. And its plates are made of aluminium from the upright side for laying the electrical and water communications, for fixing the glass.


It is a real water design; the main part of the system is an electric pump and water storage tank. The pump is one of the most important devices of artificial waterfall/fountain. In the development, many pumping equipment was studied. The pump provides the necessary pressure at the correct height, so it should not make too much sound. The task of the pump is to support the circulation of liquid at the desired tempo. The pump is mounted in the bottom of the tank. There are one or more tubes go through the reservoir. The water rises to the upper part of the glass, and the transmitted pump power falls through the reservoir. By placing the tube in a certain way, you can get impressive visual effects of water distribution.

  • Model: WWLHCG-CV
  • UPC: 811898011463
  • Product Type: Bluworld HOMelements WWLHCG-CV Horizon Falls Class
  • Product Dimensions: L: 6.50" x W: 33.00" x H: 51.00"
  • Product Weight: 195.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Silver
  • Furniture Use: Indoor
  • Furniture Type: Fountain
  • Furniture Set: No
  • Finish: Silver Gray
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Additional Information: Warm white dimmable LED lighting and Adjustable flow valve
  • 6.Soothing sound of water fall relaxes and destresses your mind
  • Has a function of stress relief
  • Natural humidity
  • Natural materials are made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Soften the unpleasant noises
  • The low weight makes easier to hang it on

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