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Bird-X GB-1 GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device

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  • Budget friendly and highly safe to use
  • Goose repellent device
  • Help you to get rid of the geese without need of dogs


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Bird-X GB-1 GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device

Are your buildings and cars getting damaged due to bird droppings and want to get rid of the goose, pigeons, and sparrow that are doing this? Then, you need to buy Bird-X GB-1 GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device. This repellent device has naturally recorded alarm calls that when played makes the areas unfavorable for the geese. The geese which listen to the terrifying sounds of the other geese will flee to other areas. You can use this repellent device in golf courses, parks, airports, business hubs, beaches, private lakes, and agricultural lands.

GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device

The GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device can be installed on your agricultural land or other areas to repel the geese. This works up to 7 acres. This does not allow the goose to enter into your premises. This generates an alarm and alert calls. When geese hear the alert calls, then they believe that there is a potential threat in the area they are flying, and when they hear the alarm calls, then it indicates danger. When geese listen to these sounds, they immediately flew back.

Robust construction

The Bird-X GB-1 GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device is constructed with superior quality material that despite getting exposed to harsh weather conditions still works. It had four speakers and connected to the power cord. The control unit encased inside this device is waterproof. This generates awful cries of the other geese and frightens the geese which are flying in your land direction and swerve them. You can customize the sounds as per your requirement. The sounds and speakers arranged over the land will make the geese believe that the other geese are fleeing and coming from different locations.

Easy mobility

The GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device allows you to fix this box at the place where you feel it as perfect. This occupies a little space in your land premises. This produces frightening sounds and threatens the geese are fleeing towards your land and evacuate the geese that are in your land. This is designed to repel the suborn geese from your premises. You do not need to groom a dog to get rid of the geese by using this device.

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  • Model: GB-1
  • UPC: 706069123130
  • Product Type: Bird-X GB-1 GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device
  • Product Dimensions: L: 6.00" x W: 6.00" x H: 3.50"
  • Product Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Tan
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Watts: 30 watts
  • Additional Information: Safe, humane, effective, budget-friendly. Eliminates goose problems without the need for permits or dogs
  • Customize the sounds and make the area unfavorable for the geese
  • Get rid of the geese problem at a brisk pace
  • Ideal to use around lakes, parks, business parks, airports, etc.
  • Produce different kinds of sounds that frighten the geese and evacuate them from your place immediately
  • Safe to use
  • The GooseBuster Pro Goose Deterrent Device is made of high-quality material that it last for a long time

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