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Bosch B22CS50SNW Linea 500 Series 36 Inch Counter Depth White Refrigerator

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The Bosch B22CS50SNW 36 inch refrigerator has all the high-quality details you demand for your kitchen, providing superior food storage technology combined sophisticated design that enhances any kitchen decor. It has 21.7 cubic feet of storage with flexible options like the independently controlled FreshProtect box and spill proof glass shelves that can be adjusted without having to be unloaded first. And as an Energy Star qualified product, you can be sure this product will bring you great savings on your energy bills.

Attractive, Functional Design
The Bosch B22CS50SNW has the appeal of a classic white refrigerator, with hidden hinges and no visible exhaust grille to interrupt the minimalist appearance of the long, side-by-side doors.

Multiple Storage Options
At 21.7 cubic feet, the Bosch B22CS50SNW side by side fridge looks as good inside as it does on the outside. Easily accommodate oversized items - the spill proof glass shelves are fully adjustable and move up and down without having to unload first. A deli drawer, bottle and can racks, and gallon door bins ensure you have plenty of room to fit all your favorites.

FreshProtect Drawer
The Bosch B22CS50SNW has a FreshProtect drawer that features independent temperature control - easily adjust this special compartment to keep meat, fish, cheese, or produce in the perfect conditions.

Advanced Cooling Technology
The Bosch B22CS50SNW 36 inch refrigerator utilizes a special ventilation channel that circulates air over and around the produce drawers. The temperature inside is kept at consistent, ideal levels and preserves food more efficiently.

Dual Evaporators
The Bosch B22CS50SNW side-by-side fridge has a dual evaporator system to better regulate humidity between the refrigerator and freezer. It also protects against the transfer of odors and flavors, so that your ice cream never ends up tasting like yesterday's lunch.

Through-the-Door Ice
Get filtered water, crushed ice and ice cubes from the convenient external dispenser. A LED light makes sure you never miss your glass. The Bosch B22CS550SNW white refrigerator even has dispenser lock to protect against curious little fingers.

Save on Energy
The Bosch B22CS500SNW counter depth refrigerator has an Energy Star rating, which means you're assured to save lots of money on your energy bills. You'll save even more with the economy and vacation modes, when you use your refrigerator less.

Great Design Features
An extra bright halogen light inside the Bosch B22CS50SNW white refrigerator fully illuminates the interior so you can find what you're looking for. The air inside stays clean and fresh thanks to an activated carbon filter. Best of all, an external LCD panel lets you control and monitor the temperatures inside, without ever opening the door.

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