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"My husband and I were looking everywhere for small fans to place below the vents in our basement to circulate the nice warm woodstove air.  We couldn't find any in traditional brick & mortar stores as fans are seasonal products in our area.  We resorted to searching on-line.  Still, there was none to be found.     We were looking for something 6" or smaller that would mount to a wall or hang from the ceiling.  Finally we found Air-N-Water and they had the perfect product - a clip on fan.  Not only was it easy to order on-line, the price was reasonable and within what we expected to pay.  Air-N-Waters' shipment of the fans was rapid and we received the fans within a few days of our order.  When we got the fans and plugged them in, I couldn't believe how quiet they were and how much air they moved.  With only 2 fans, we've increased the temperature on the main floor of our home from 62 to 72!  Now we're toasty & totally satisfied with the product. Thank you Air-N-Water"

Paul & Erika LaVoie, Gettysburg, PA

"I just wanted to say that I am truly enjoying my new Biozone 300 that I ordered on line from Air- N-Water. It must be the nicest compact unit that I have seen. So small and does not take up much space and can be set on a table and looks so nice that it doesn't show to be out of place in any room that you choose to put it in. Very attractive unit. I received mine and just unpacked it, plugged it in and it is so quiet running that I don't even hear it . I have a rather large house and set mine in the den and dining room area and it has already purified the air from the kitchen cooking odors. What a blessing to have. I run a home for special needs children and this was much needed, because I wanted to keep the germs from transferring from one child to another. That in itself will be a time savings for me (less trips to the Doctors office). I would recommend anyone wanting to clean up the air in their home to consider buying one of these BIOZONE'S, you won't be sorry."

Virgie Walker, Orville, Ca

I needed a dehumidifier because our home had water under a wood subfloor and mold started growing in the basement. I had a water removal specialists out to our home and they did some drilling to see if there was water still under the floor - there was. I purchased this dehumidifier and in less than 2 weeks there was no more water when the specialists came back to retest. Thus saving us a tremendous amount of time and money in removing the entire floor etc. This is the best dehumidifier I have found between stores and online, especially for the money. The water removal specialists even requested the information where we purchased our dehumidifier so they could do the same. I am now purchasing a second one for another home we own - preventative maintenance. I would highly recommend this company and product to anyone who is looking for a dehumidifier or has any water concerns/problems. The online ordering is quick, easy and effective. I have received my tracking numbers quickly and my dehumidifier arrived with standard shipping just as fast. This company receives an A+ all around!

Kimberly, Meriden CT

Product = LY46 space Heater  "Three days ago I order a Personal Heater by Dakota, Model LY46, and already it is under my desk keeping me toasty warm! My original industrial-type space heater stopped working, so I searched the internet for a new one.  Since I never grab the first thing I see, I bookmarked some similar space  heaters and continued the search. I wanted a very quiet and small heater. So, when the search engine led me to, I easily found the category "space heaters" and homed in on the Dakota heater. Since the Dakota heater is specially designed for "under the desk" personal heating, I decided to spend a little extra to get exactly what I want. And in only the first half hour of use, I'm sold! The Dakota fits way under the desk, so no one has to know I even have a heater. I especially love that it makes NO noise and with just a glance, I am reminded with the lighted power button to turn the unit off when I leave my office. The thermostat control is also a wonderful feature. The heater warmed up almost immediately and the maximum setting is actually more heat than I need. I'm sure I'll find just the right setting within the next hour or so. I shop on the internet all the time and my experience with Air-n-Water website was very positive. The product pictures and descriptions gave me enough information to make my decision to buy. I appreciate this very much, as I will not buy electronically if I'm not comfortable with the details. Finally, I appreciate the email thanking me for the order. Of course, I get these all the time, but you said you like to hear from your customers. So, here I am. Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business and you will be the first website I will visit for any future air-n-water needs."


Roxanne, Alpine CA

Product = L5600 Space / Garage Heater  "The unit was installed and functioning 1/23/04. It's line power was installed by a professional electrician. When the outside ambient temperature is 25 degrees, I can raise my interior garage temp to 53 degrees in 37 minutes!!! When it's 42.... inside is 63 within 23 minutes!!! This is a 24X20 attached garage with two double hung windows, insulated ceiling, two insulated walls and an insulated steel overhead double garage door!! My appreciation and complements to you all for representing a fine product....and, my testimonial:" 

Jim, KS

We recently added a home office so I could work out of our home several days a week.  We found that we were running the air conditioner most of the day to cool just the office.  In order to conserve energy we purchased a Sunpentown combination 10kBtu Heater and Air Conditioner Model SPT-WA1010H to cool the office.  The office is located on the second story of the home.  There is a computer, two laser printers, a photocopier, and several other machines that produce a good amount of heat.  Even though it is usually about 70-75 degrees outside it was typically about 80 degrees inside the office.  The installation was quick and simple.  It took us about a quarter of an hour to setup the unit.  The unit works great and is very quite.  We now keep the room, about 300 square feet, a nice 73 degrees all day.  The unit will pay for itself in as little as 4 month with the saving on our electric bill.Thank you!

Roger A. Giese, Irvine, CA

I recently purchased Sunpentown Portable Swamp Cooler with Ionizing Air Purifier- SF-609 from Air-N-Water and am really amazed at how this little machine can cool my office. It's so simple to use as well- I just took it out of the box when it was delivered, filled-up the water tank according to the instruction book, plugged it in and turn it on- instant gratification. I specially like the swing function, as it allows the machine to direct the cool air around the office up to 60 degrees horizontally in each direction at the touch of the button. I don't even have to get-up to to change settings with the included remote control. To top it all, Air-N-Water got my machine delivered to me in less than 3 days..... what a service! Thanks Air-N-Water, you made my work environment a lot more pleasant!!!!

Orlando S. Santos, Point Mugu, CA

Efficient, direct, asked the right questions, described the product --it's advantages and limitations. What more can one ask for  when ordering by phone. Don't need 250 words to describe when someone does their job right. Well done.

Harold Harrison, Phoenix, AZ

I want to give air-n-water excellent feedback. I placed an order 03-22-2004for the SF-608R room swamp cooler and had it in just a few days. My 88 year old mother in law is in an assisted living home locally and was just diagnosed with lung cancer. I understand with this condition heat is a real issue. So you know where the first room swamp cooler went and my mother in law can not give your product enough praise.I just placed my order for anotherroom swamp cooler, am sure we will receive itsoon and will be equally happy with the product. Thanks air-n-water for the great service you do for your customers.

Sharon Quinlan

5-star rating. Best price with quick delivery. Also the portable air conditioner is very power efficiency with only 630W for both 10,000Btu/hr heating and cooling. Environmentalists' Best Pickup!

Regards, Jay

Rating:    Excellent
Price Rating:    Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:    Excellent
Delivery Rating:    Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:    Excellent
Customer Service Rating:    Excellent

At the time of purpose, it was not apparent from their website that ice was an important component to making the product work efficiently. After the purchase and delivery ofthe product though, this was not a problem. I found a way to make ice or purchase bags of ice to do the trick.I work nights and live on a main street were traffic noise is a problem and leaving the windows closed is a goodthink. For the past few weeks, we had temperatures nearing 100 degrees. The unit worked well in cooling myapartment well enough for sleep. Much more efficient than running the air conditioning. A few pounds of icein the main tank and in the top container, cools well for a number of hours of restful sleep.

Kevin Eshelman

I looked at a lot of places before I placed my order for the Honeywell Thermostat guard. Other places werecheaper than you are but there web site were out-dated. Your site also showed the fixed shippingcharges per order. This was very helpful in my decision to order from your company. Fed-Ex delivered the item 4/6/2004. Since the item was plastic, the packaging was well done to prevent cracking. Would I order from you again? Yes, because the service, on-line features, and service were excellent. When you ordera product, you do want a good price, but you also need good service and upfront information. Other places has shipping and handling information very hard to find.

Thanks again for your service,

Patrick Weyker

It took about a week for delivery of this product from the time order was placed until I received it (UPS ground from California to Tennessee. They provided tracking, which is always a nice convenience. This heater is very efficient and provides fast heat, quiet operation, and a thermostat that works effectively. It also is a nice size, not to big, not too small, especially in a tight space, as long as you have room against a wall. However, since it is portable and rather lightweight, I tried it in the center of a room and it provided additionally comfort in the area where I was working. The electric cord is 6 feet long, which is okay, but as with just about everything else, would be nice if it were longer, but due to UL requirements I don't think that's possible. This heater sits above the floor slightly as a safety feature, and it also shuts off automatically in case its tipped over. Overall a good heater for the money spent.

Susan, Nashville, TN

I have shopped all over the web for the air conditioner. and this was the only place that I went back to. Your web is very clean and easy to work through.

Wanda , Priest River ID

Rating:    Excellent
Price Rating:    Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:    Excellent
Delivery Rating:    Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:    Excellent
Customer Service Rating:    Excellent

Cant say enough that's good. Usually, after placing an online order, I receive an automated reply; with air-n-water I did not, so sent an inquiry email. Almost immediately I received a personal response, not only confirming my order but apologizing for delay in response as their order department was extremely busy (we had a record heat-wave at the time). I received the product within 4 days of my original order (even though I did not request expedited shipping) and am extremely happy with it. I plan to order another similar unit (an air cooler) in the near future and wouldn't go anyplace else to get it! I highly recommend air-n-water!

Jana M.

My husband and I live in the high desert of Albuquerque, NM. It can get mighty hot here and it is dry as a bone! The vast majority of homes use big swamp coolers on top of the homes for cooling in the summer. This puts moisture back into the air as well as using evaporation to cool the air. I have been diagnosed with multiple allergies and also have made do with the world's oldest swamp cooler - until now. We decided the old gal on top of the roof was just not worth resurrecting. We will be moving in the next year and didn't want to sink more money into something we won't use forever. I spent a minimum of four hours on the Internet this last weekend looking for a portable air conditioner. I saw hundreds that were $300 plus and required venting. What we DON'T want is to have to have the windows open! Then I stumbled on Air-N-Water. We ordered the portable swamp cooler for $99.95 (SF-609 portable air cooler). This unit is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than I expected! We really only needed it for our bedroom since we already owned two small refrigerated units in our kitchen and living room. For the money, this unit is worth its weight in gold. Between all of the options for extra cooling (being able to add ice to the water tank and putting one of those frozen ice packets on the top), the swing function which aims the air path 60 degrees, six different speed functions, optional ionizer and the option NOT to use it as a swamp cooler, plus not having to bring in outside air, we may just be buying one more for our far bedroom. In fact, we may take the second one on our vacation in June to Mexico since there is no A/C in the beachhouse we love to rent on the ocean. It only weighs 16 pounds so even with my back problems it was no big deal to carry it in to the bedroom (prior to water being put in). The wheels on the bottom made it unnecessary to get a table to sit it on and easy to wheel around where it is needed. I am just absolutely AMAZED at the quality, the technology and the price. Thank you, thank you for offering something this helpful and economical. I've already told my friends all about the new "addition" to our "family".

Cindy Douglas, Albuquerque, NM

I have nothing but high praise for this company and this product. I love this portable air cooler and recommend it to any and everyone. Actually, being a Californian, what with the price and shortages of electricity, I don't know why the state and PG&E don't offer incentives for such a fantastic product. It not only cools the air it also filters the air and cost about as much as a light bulb to operate. Thank you for selling a great product.

W. Darway

Excellent customer service, my ac was shipped quickly, a great price, and I'm very satisfied. I was apprehensive about having a large appliance shipped to me and possible damage but it was packed very well and was delivered in excellent condition. Overall a great experience.


Dear A-n-W,
Thank you for sending me my AC so quickly .It took only 2 days despite the fact I didn't get fast shipping. Thank you, you have exceeded my expectations.

Yours Truly, Matt Riney

Thank you! Today I received my evaporative cooler. WOW, now that's fast service. I have told a few friends about your products and will be informing them of superior service also. As the temperature rises again this weekend I will be thinking of you.

Sincerely; Larry Russ

I could not obtain this item locally for a good price, if I could find it at all. Air-n-water not only had it in stock, but at a price I could not find anywhere else. They had it to me in two days and it was exactly what I needed. I based my choice from the information on their website. This merchant is a definite plus to work with,

Thanks RK.

Dear Air-n-Water,
Just wanted to say thank you for the great service I received from your company! I ordered a Sunpentown air cooler a few weeks ago, and it arrived the very next day. Your website is great - very easy to find products, and I am very pleased with your product as well! The price was great.

Thanks again. Best regards, Gina Bono


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