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Ebac WM80 56 Pint Commercial Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

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Experiencing excess and damaging humidity in your store, restaurant, warehouse, office, apartment, computer room, garage, or home? Then the Ebac WM80 56-pint commercial wall mounted dehumidifier is a simple, free-standing solution for these and many other applications. The industrial strength operation and simple installation make the appliance great for a both residential and professional use.

Washable Filter
A washable air filter provides the Ebac WM80 56-pint commercial wall mounted dehumidifier with a cleaner, healthier output than other models. This also greatly helps to prevent corrosion, mold growth, rotting, and rust due to dampness.

Indicator Lights
The unit has frontal indicator lights for power, drying, and defrost for added ease and convenience in operation.

Broad Temperature Range
Enjoy highly effective moisture removal across a broad range of temperatures, from 33°F (1°C) to 105°F (40°C), and can even provide low levels of relative humidity when required.

Auto Defrost System
The Ebac WM80 56-pint commercial wall mounted dehumidifier has a defrost system that is automatic, so it de-ices the unit as necessary for hassle-free maintenance and superior operation.

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