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Schaefer WCG-1HPMFAOSC WayCool 1 HP Oscillating Swamp Cooler in Gray

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Cooling your large space with an air conditioner can be expensive! Instead use the Schaefer WCG-1HPMFAOSC evaporative cooler. The initial cost for a swamp cooler is about 50% less than similar capacity AC models. Also, they use about 75% less energy. This type of cooling works most effectively in hot, dry climates since it uses the natural process of evaporation to cool. The Schaefer commercial cooler is a great option to cool your large space!

Automatic Shut Off
With the Schaefer WCG-1HPMFAOSC evaporative swamp cooler you won't have to worry about the pump getting damaged if the water gets too low. Instead once the unit detects low water levels it will shut itself off. This is unlike other models where you have to continuously monitor the reservoir.

Heavy-Duty Construction
This swamp cooler is specifically designed for commercial use so that it can withstand warehouse conditions. It's made from high-impact ABS plastic and heavy-duty aluminum frame and base ensuring it will last a long time.

Versatile Use
With the Schaefer commercial swamp cooler you have two water supply options. You can hook the unit up to a garden hose for continuous use or if this isn't an option accessible to you the unit has a large 24 gallon reservoir that can go a long time without refilling.

Effective Cooling
What makes this model unique is that it features an oscillating cool air output. This means air isn't just blown in one direction but rather distributed throughout your entire space for more even cooling.

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