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Avanti WC55SSR 52 Bottle Wine Cooler With Auto Defrost

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Get perfectly chilled wine at home with the Avanti WC55SSR 52 bottle wine cooler. The WC55SSR can be used as a built-in or free-standing unit, so it fits in with whatever set-up you already have. This model also features a stainless steel door and handle, a digital display for temperature controls, and soft interior lighting with an on/off switch.

Double-Pane Door
The Avanti WC55SSR 52 bottle wine cooler has a double-pane tempered double-glass door with a stainless steel door frame and handle for a modern look with excellent insulation.

Electronic Temperature Control
It's easy to control the temperature of your Avanti wine cooler with the electronic display.

Auto Defrost
The convenient auto defrost for the WC55SSR 52 bottle wine cooler will prevent ice from forming in your cooler, which would affect the unit's look and temperature.

Security Lock
Keep unwanted hands out of your wine collection with the built-in security lock.

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