480008 Total Hardness Water Test Kit from WaterWorks has a wide range of detection levels

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Industrial Test Systems, Inc. ITS-480008 Total Hardness Water Test Kit
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Hard water is a common problem in the average household. Now, you can find out if your water is too hard before it comes to cleaning up gross buildup. The 480008 Total Hardness test can help you find out how hard your water is. Perfectly packaged in a bottle of 50 the 480008 comes in small test strips that are easily used and thrown away.

There are no harmful chemicals in the 480008; all the ingredients are safely in the test strip. The 480008 also ensures you accurate results because there is no guess work involved. Test your water today with the 480008 from WaterWorks.

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

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  2. Up to 30 days to return your purchase
  3. Money back guaranteed
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  • Model: ITS-480008
  • UPC: 809762800084
  • Product Type: Total Hardness Water Test Kit
  • Product Dimensions: L: 1.50" x W: 1.50" x H: 3.00"
  • Product Weight: 0.10 lbs.
  • Product Color: White
  • Application: Perfect for service work, classroom demonstrations, or to give to customers instead of an expensive service call
  • Tests: Calcium levels
  • Number of Tests per Package: 50
  • Test Time: 3 seconds


  • Easily use the strip to dip into your water
  • Quickly find out how hard your water is
  • Results in 3 seconds!

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Ratings Summary
4.5 Star Rating: Good
6 out of 8 customers recommend this product.
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from New Hope, PA
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Purchased this product to check on the efficiency of my water softener, and when to adjust the setting. The strips are very easy to use and seem to be accurate. My reading fell within the bottom two colors, which indicated soft water. I was still unsure if the reading was correct so I got a sample of water (common well) from my neighbor who doesn't have a softener, and their's read at the top end indicating hard water, which is what I expected.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Knoxville, TN
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Completely sufficient product for monitoring household water hardness. Simple instructions printed on the bottle with easily understood color comparisons to determine hardness.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Roswell, GA
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
We use the product to test our water to make sure we are within state compliance. The product is very simple to use.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Enfield, CT
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
I like this product very much because it works just the way it is supposed to and is very easy to read.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Cupertino, CA
2.0 Star Rating: OK
The colors on the bottle for the 0 and 2 GPG are identical. That makes the measurement at the low end of the hardness scale impossible to judge. I am not satisfied with this product.

from Bountiful, UT
4.0 Star Rating: Good
These strips work very well in helping you determine the appropriate settings for water softeners I would have rated it higher but the color scale has big jumps in the high end of the scale. This doesn't matter for most users but it makes for imprecise measurements in extremely hard water areas (mine is in the 25 grain range).
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Cherry Hill, NJ
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
We are a commercial laundry equipment distributor which deals with a lot of customer locations over several states. When our technicians come across a problem that may be related to water hardness, they use this product to test the water. It's quick and easy and gives them a good idea of what they're dealing with. Ordering from Air & Water is easy and quick and I'm glad I found them. Thanks!
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Santa Clara, CA
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
I purchased the AQ-4225 combo kit. Installation was easy and can notice a great improvement with the water in the shower and kitchen water is much better and great difference in the taste of coffee using this water. I would definitely recommend your products to my family and friends for the simple reason that it is better tasting and more convenient that bottled water and your skin feels much cleaner after showering. I was very satisfied with my shopping experience; shipping was great and kept informed of the status of my purchase. No changes needed.