Vinotemp VT-CHILLER-1 Single Bottle Wine Chiller/Warmer

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Vinotemp VT-CHILLER-1 Wine Chiller/Warmer
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Get a bottle of wine to its desired temperature quickly and effectively with Vinotemp's VT-Chiller-1 single bottle wine chiller/warmer.   Perfect for dinner or get-togethers this chiller can both chill or warm a single bottle of wine with a diameter of up to 3.5 inches.  It has a sleek silver finish that goes great in any kitchen or bar.

The VT-Chiller-1 uses its CPU to keep its temperature constant.  There are 10 different temperatures to choose from and has easy to use button controls and LED indicator lights.  The insulated sleeve speeds the chilling process and maintains temperature as low as 37 degrees.  It is energy efficient, and does not vibrate while working to give you the best wine chilling results possible.

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  • Model: VT-CHILLER-1
  • UPC: 657433003865
  • Product Type: Wine Chiller/Warmer
  • Product Dimensions: L: 9.00" x W: 6.00" x H: 9.00"
  • Product Weight: 4.50 lbs.
  • Product Color: Silver
  • Application: Chills or warms a single bottle of wine, ideal for your kitchen or bar
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Watts: 60 watts
  • Amps: 5 amps
  • Certifications: CE
  • Type: Chiller , Warmer
  • Bottle Capacity: 1 bottles
  • Display Type: LED
  • Temperature Range: 37-122°F
  • Chilling Time: 60 minutes
  • LED Indicator Light: Yes
  • Finish: Silver


  • Cools and warms quickly and quietly
  • CPU makes sure desired temperature is constant
  • Easy to use button controls with 10 different temperature selections
  • Insulated sleeve speeds the process and maintains the temperature
  • No CFCs or HCFCs for minimal environmental impact
  • Thermoelectric technology protects the wine with no vibration

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from Boston, MA
5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
The Vinotemp really does bring wine to the proper temperature, reliably and reasonably quickly (don't expect miracles). It's easy to use, and not bad-looking. Temperature makes a big difference, so the Vinotemp rapidly justifies its cost, even with relatively inexpensive wines.
Yes, I recommend this product.

from Petersburg, VA
1.0 Star Rating: Poor
This chiller doesn't get cold enough to chill wine. After more than an hour in the chiller the wine does not get to 50 F. I do better putting the wine in an ice bucket.

from Milwaukee, WI
1.0 Star Rating: Poor
Absolutely useless! It takes longer to chill a bottle of white wine in this thing than putting a bottle in the refrigerator! I only wanted this to chill wine, not bring red wine to optimal room temperature. That I can take care of on my own by opening a bottle and letting the wine breathe. This is a very expensive piece of useless equipment that is just taking up space in my kitchen.

Vinotemp VT-CHILLER-1 Wine Chiller/Warmer

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