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Vidalia 983 NG Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Durable Construction

List Price: $4569.50
Price Break: -$1054.50
Our Price: $3515.00
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Enjoy years of outdoor grilling with the Vidalia 983 NG built-in natural gas grill. This grill is durable and designed to last through many years of use.

Convenient Side Shelves
Prepare foods and keep condiments handy! The Vidalia 983 NG built-in natural gas grill includes 2 convenient side shelves to make barbequing foods easier than ever.

Indirect Cooking Surface
Enjoy unique airflow on the indirect cooking surface. Brown foods evenly, smoke, bake, broil, steam or fry whatever you want. This Vidalia built-in natural gas grill make sit easy.

Large Cooking Surface
The Vidalia 983 NG built-in natural gas grill features a 983 sq. in. cooking surface to make preparing a variety of recipes easy. This grill will meet your needs.

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Design
Featuring a rust free stainless steel and aluminum design the Vidalia 983 NG built-in natural gas grill is built to last. Enjoy years of outdoor cooking, this grill weathers outdoor conditions well.

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