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V-520 Sunpentown Health and Beauty Belt Massager with Foot Massager can massage you from head to toe

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Need a good massage that helps stimulate your body to heal? The V-520 Health and Beauty Belt will help you do just that. The vibrating massage pads have small nubs that can stimulate your acupuncture points and help the body release toxins and promote better blood flow.

The V-520 Belt Massager comes with two belts so that you can work out two separate areas of the body at once. The V-520 belts are also versatile enough that you can have two users on the machine at one time! Not only will you be getting a good workout or massage but you can also massage your feet at the same time. The V-520 comes with a foot massager on the base to massage you from head to toe.

The five speed spiral vibration system of the V-520 will have you feeling better in no time!

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