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Napoleon UH405N Ultra Chef Natural Gas Post Mount Grill Head with 45,000 BTUs

List Price: $778.70
Price Break: -$179.70
Our Price: $599.00
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The Napoleon UH405N Ultra Chef natural gas post mount grill head includes all the great features of the Ultra Chef line, like 45,000 BTUs and a generous 570 square inch cooking area. With 3 stainless steel burners that provide even, consistent heat, everything you cook will come out perfect.

Folding Side Shelves
For convenient storage, the side shelves of the Napoleon UH405N fold down or can be removed completely when you're not using them.

Superior Grilling Components
The Napoleon Ultra Chef gas grill is equipped with 3 stainless steel bottom burners with sear plates that create consistent and even heat that won't scorch your food with flare-ups. Its porcelainized cast iron cooking grids has reversible channels that hold drippings and keep food moist while you cook.

Oven-Tight Lid
The tight-sealing lid of the Napoleon UH405N natural gas grill retains heat just like an oven. The built-in temperature gauge lets you monitor the exact interior temperature for precision cooking control.

Convenient Extra Features
The Napoleon Ultra Chef provides plenty of extra features, like electronic ignition and integrated tool storage. Make cooking a pleasure every time you fire up the grill!

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