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Teaposy TPCS-WD Concert Series Duet Set of Twelve Tea Balls with Whole Chrysanthemum Blossoms

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The Teaposy TPCS-WD Concert Series Duet set of 12 tea balls features a perfect pairing of organic pu-er tea and whole chrysanthemum blossoms. It is an earthy, full-bodied tea that has a unique and refined taste that's best enjoyed with a friend. The TPCS-WD Duet tea set has a toasty flavor of pu-er tea matched beautifully by the floral notes of the chrysanthemum blossoms to create a stunning experience.

Unique Flavor Profile
The Teaposy TPCS-WD Duet tea set features full-bodied tea with an amber hue. It has a refined, earthy taste with floral notes, a toasty flavor with hints of nuts and a long-lasting, mellow aftertaste.

Different Ways to Enjoy
The TPCS-WD Duet tea set comes with 12 pyramid-shaped nylon sachets. They can be steeped in the sachet when you are on the go or brewed loose-leaf so you can enjoy the mesmerizing presentation.

All Natural Ingredients
This Duet tea set features all-natural ingredients and only the largest, most vibrant whole flowers to create unique flavors and stunning visual displays.

Low Caffeine Level
The TPCS-WD contains the lowest level of caffeine among all caffeinated tea or coffee drinks.

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