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Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer

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  • 100% Biodegradable, Water-Based Solution
  • Effortless, Multi-Option Application
  • Serves As Both A Sealer And A Stainer
CA residents: WARNING. See Proposition 65 notice
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The Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer
The Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer is a specially formulated sealant used to revitalize older Teak wood furniture and restore its appearance back to new. Teak wood itself does not need to be protected. It is a unique wood that, if left alone, is basically maintenance-free. Teak wood can endure even the most extreme weather conditions. However, after years of being battered by the sun and the elements, Teak wood furniture can sometimes turn a silvery, grey color. If you want to preserve the natural honey color of your furniture or just want to darken the color of the wood, then Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer is for you. The Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer contains proprietary UV protection elements to help slow down the the sun from changing the displayed color of your furniture and also contains a fungicide to help prevent the growth of any molds or mildews on the surface of any of your Teak wood furniture. The Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer is meant to preserve the color of the wood and is breathable, making it a less harsh option to use when sealing your wood furniture than other traditional varnishes. This sealant can also be wiped, brushed, or sprayed on, giving you freedom of choice for application. This sealant also serves as a dark wood stainer for your Teak wood furniture providing yet another added benefit.

Sealants provide protection
While Teak trees provide wood that is rich with protective oils, eventually, Teak wood will change color. After owning your Teak wood furniture for some time, the natural Teak oil in the very outer layer of the wood will begin to evaporate and oxidize after being exposed to the air and the sun. Eventually, you will see that lush honey-like color of new Teak wood will begin to fade and become a pale yellow, leading to that color fading away even more to leave a light, silvery gray. If you want to preserve that original color of your Teak wood furniture, sealing the wood once a year is recommended. The Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer contains UV protection to keep the sun from graying your furniture as well a fungicide to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, or moss on the surface of your furniture if it is left outside. This sealant will create an invisible shield for your furniture against the elements to prevent the oxidation of the outer layer of wood oils, so your Teak wood furniture will always look as good as new and have a rich and luscious color.

Special Features Include

  • Can effortlessly be applied with a cloth, brush, or even a generic spray bottle
  • Will reinvigorate older Teak wood and restore its young and vibrant wood colors
  • Provides a strong barrier to mold, mildew, or outdoor moss growth
  • Water-based, 100% biodegradable, VOC free, non-corrosive solution
  • Safer to use than regular varnishes and dries much faster
  • Serves as both a protective shield against the weather and a wood stainer

Sealant's double duties
While it can seem confusing, the Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer is not a varnish. This sealant is meant to preserve, enrich, and reinvigorate the natural colors of Teak wood. In addition to this, the Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer is breathable, meaning that it will allow the natural oils of Teak wood to escape the wood without causing bubbling or peeling below a sealed surface like wood varnishes sometimes do. As an added bonus, the Royal Teak Collection Teak Sealer serves double duty as both a shield against the sun, and a wood stainer. What this means is that the more sealant that is applied, or the more frequent the application, the darker your Teak wood will appear. In addition, applying more sealant will only protect your furniture from the elements even more, and means that you will have to apply sealant less of the time. Teak wood sealers can be applied to new Teak wood to maintain its new appearance, or to old Teak wood furniture after it has been cleaned.

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  • Model: TKSLR
  • Product Type: Teak Sealer
  • Product Dimensions: L: 0.00" x W: 0.00" x H: 0.00"
  • Product Weight: 0.00 lbs.
  • Application: A teak wood sealant used to seal and preserve teak wood furniture
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Number of Applications: Recommended once per year
  • Removes: Oxidation and/or sun damage from outdoor elements
  • Dries faster than varnish and does not choke out the natural oils of the wood
  • Effortless application that can be done using just a cloth, brush, or a spray bottle
  • Provides your furniture with an additonal layer of UV protection
  • Sealant will revitalize battered Teak wood and restore its original wood coloring
  • Serves as both a sealer as well as a wood stainer
  • Solution provides a protective shield against mold, mildew, and moss

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