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King TKIT-2A Double Pole Thermostat Kit in Almond

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  • Double pole thermostat
  • Enclosed for protection against dirt and corrosion
  • Use with the King Electric W-Series wall heater


The King TKIT-2A double pole thermostat kit in almond is designed to accompany the King Electric W-Series wall heaters. Offering thermostat control, it's effective!

Fully Protected Sensor
This King TKIT-2A double pole thermostat kit is factory sealed and calibrated for accurate, dependable performance. There is no field adjustment required. The snap action switch provides an instant positive response and the bi-metal sensing element is fully protected.

Superior Heating
This King double pole thermostat kit provides heating from 45-80 degrees F. The average differential is approximately 5 degrees at 50% of rated load and cycles at approximately 2-4 per hour at 50% of rated load. 

For King W Heaters
Designed to accompany the W-Series wall heater this King TKIT-2A double pole thermostat kit is easy to install and offers superior heat control. Along with your heat system, this double pole thermostat makes warming indoor mid-size rooms easy.

All Inclusive Design
The King TKIT-2A double pole thermostat kit is all inclusive. It includes the thermostat, knob and bracket, steel construction, bus wire gauge of 14 AWG, and it's UL listed for added safety.

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