Koolatron TCFD-05 Total Chef Food Dehydrator

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Koolatron TCFD-05 Total Chef Food Dehydrator
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The Koolatron TCFD-05 Total Chef food dehydrator makes it easy to create your own recipes for jerky, trail mix, vegetable chips, and more! The unit includes the main dehydrator unit, five drying racks, and instruction manual for easy operation.

Healthy Choice
The biggest incentives to dehydrating your own food at home are the health benefits! Save hundreds of dollars on sugary, salty, and fat-filled snacks by drying your own healthy alternatives that deliver powerful punches of taste in each bite!

Max Coverage
The Koolatron TCFD-05 Total Chef food dehydrator provides five tiered drying trays for optimizes your time and energy drying, so you can dry more items at a faster rate while enjoying a wide variety of dried fruits, vegetables, and jerky.

Easy Operation
Operation is also simple and trouble-free with the Total Chef dehydrator's since all you need to do is take your cut, pre-treated food items, place neatly onto trays, and switch on the dehydrator - it's that easy!

Recipe and Drying Guide
To get you off to a good start the Koolatron TCFD-05 Total Chef food dehydrator includes a drying guide that covers each food type, preparation method, dryness test, and drying time, as well as some creative recipes to ignite your imagination!

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  • Model: TCFD-05
  • UPC: 059586629204
  • Product Type: Total Chef Food Dehydrator
  • Product Dimensions: L: 13.50" x W: 13.50" x H: 7.50"
  • Product Weight: 5.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Black/White
  • Application: Ideal for dehydrating vegetables, meats and fruits
  • Warranty: 90 day limited manufacturer warranty
  • Usage: Dehydrating foods
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Includes: Lid, trays, recipe booklet
  • Special Features: Integrated fan, drying guide


  • A nutritious, delicious, and healthy way to make snacks for all your family
  • Easy to follow guide even teaches you how to quickly pasteurize food for max preservation
  • Information on drying time, testing, preparing, and food type are included in the guide!
  • Just about all fruits, plus meats and vegetables are perfect for drying!
  • Space saving design has stackable trays that neatly fit on your countertop
  • Natural drying heat convection takes away moisture from food while preserving nutrients

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Koolatron TCFD-05 Total Chef Food Dehydrator

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